“A cried wound”, passion and musicality

María Elisa Camargo, Diana Ángel, Verónica Orozco, Jeimy Osorio and Yolanda Rayo will star in “A cried wound”. / Courtesy: Prime Video

Photo: Courtesy of Prime Video

A scream wounded is the musical series that Prime Video premieres this November 11, in which the story of Paloma (Jeimy Osorio), Karla (Verónica Orozco), Rocío (Yolanda Rayo), Ana (Diana Ángel) and Daniela ( María Elisa Camargo), a group of childhood friends who meet after several years, and after a series of unfortunate events, end up singing in a karaoke without knowing that this will change their lives forever.

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The production of this series was in the hands of Caracol Televisión and was written by Jhonny Alexánder Ortiz (El Rey, Vicente Fernández) and Adriana Barreto (Family secrets), directed by Klych López (El capo 2) and Mónica Botero (El general Naranjo ).

The executive production was in charge of Dago García (Summer Birds), Asier Aguilar (Alias ​​JJ) and Catalina Porto (Wild Rhythm).

El Espectador spoke with two of its five protagonists, Verónica Orozco and Yolanda Rayo, who revealed details of their characters, teamwork behind the scenes, and production.

Verónica Orozco will put herself in the shoes of Karla in A cried wound, a woman who has always been strong in front of her loved ones, cheerful and fun, and who is willing to help whenever necessary.

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With a great background and a consolidated career in singing and acting, for Verónica Orozco to be part of A criohurado, the first musical series presented by Prime Video, meant “a dream to be able to participate”, also taking into account her knowledge within the field of “music for ironing”. “I love this musical genre, I have been doing it for six years with “Mujeres a la plancha” at the National Theater, so I was dying to be in this production.” The artist points out.

Thanks to Mujeres a la plancha, a project that was consolidated as a musical theater nine years ago, Orozco had the opportunity to work with two of his current partners, Yolanda Rayo and Diana Ángel, with whom he continues together every Tuesday and Wednesday night. at the National Theater.

With two new accomplices on board: Jeimy Osorio, who plays Paloma, and María Elisa Camargo as Daniela, “this process of matching up and getting to know each other’s personality begins,” added Verónica Orozco.

Faced with the challenge of achieving a perfect musicalization, among so many colors and nuances of each voice, Verónica comments that they were “very aware that we had to sing in a group, so each one shines in its essence and in its brilliance, but in the moment we have to do choirs we are there supporting each other”.

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For her part, Yolanda Rayo, who plays Rocío, comments that it was a challenge to manage to channel all the energy that she carries as part of her musical career by singing in theaters and doing concerts. “It was difficult to control this tsunami that I am, but even so I arrived on set every day delivering everything calmly, with enthusiasm, with the willingness to be the best Rocío there can be,” said the artist.

Like Verónica Orozco, this is the first time that Yolanda Rayo worked hand in hand with Jeimy and María Elisa, whom she “admired from afar” and closely followed their projects. The singer-songwriter also pointed to these two actresses as the “international quota of the project”, since it has a repertoire of Colombian artists, such as Carlos Manuel Vesga, Rodrigo Candamill, Ernesto Benjumea, César Mora, Carmenza Gómez and more.

It was not an easy task for Verónica to play Karla, nor was it easy for Yolanda to be Rocío, despite this project being a dream, it entails some obstacles that each one faced with dedication, effort and passion for their characters. Being Karla meant returning to rehearsals, staging, costume and makeup tests for Verónica Orozco, because, in the two years of the pandemic, the actress had decided not to take any risks, until she came to A cried wound. “This is a training job, you have to be on the move at all times, prepare songs and a character that was not at all easy to interpret,” said Orozco, who was also happy with the result.

For her part, Yolanda Rayo conceived the role of Rocío to who she is and her personality, since she saw her as “a strong woman passionate about music”, and in part, both the character and the singer have certain similarities that Directors guided Yolanda Rayo to who she was when she was 20 years old.

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“We wanted the Yolanda who had not yet experienced what I have experienced to this day (…). Rocío is a woman with many hopes and frustrations at 50 years old, she carries with her that dream of being able to get on stage with her students with whom she created the group ‘Las Fans’”.

The wounded cry manages to make the public fall in love with themes of romantic music, such as Claridad, by Menudo, and Maldita primavera, by Yuri, in the voices and interpretations of Verónica Orozco, Yolanda Rayo, Diana Ángel, Jeimy Osorio and María Elisa Camargo this November 11 on Prime Video.

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“A cried wound”, passion and musicality