A concert as a possible alternative to the rocket

Concert in the Market Square during the ‘sanmateos’ of 2018. / S. THIRD

Saint Matthew 2021

The Councilor for Celebrations insists on “seeking a balance between health regulations and the need to recover culture”

With La Rioja installed at level two of restrictions to face the coronavirus pandemic and “in view of how the data is going,” the councilor for Festejos de Logroño, Kilian Cruz-Dunne, has stressed that the possibility of suspending the Feasts of San Mateo is “highly unlikely.” Although, as already announced last Thursday, there will be no rocket, floats and fireworks.

This Tuesday, in an interview on TVR, he has opened the possibility that the starting point of the parties could be a concert, although the final program has not yet closed. “It is a different start because the situation is. It is about seeking that balance between adapting to health regulations and the need to regain the vigor of the city in the field of culture, “he said.

Although this activity may clash with the idea of ​​”avoiding the multitudinous”, the councilor has insisted that the events can only take place “to the extent that the general sanitary conditions of respecting distances, wearing a mask and using hydroalcoholic gel are complemented with the installation of other preventive measures such as public control through gauges ».

The decision not to hold mass events was adopted after a dialogue of several months with the different groups involved in the festivities. In addition, other cities have also served as a model to achieve the adaptation of the festivities to the requirements of the current situation.

On drinking bottles and hospitality leisure, issues that concern the citizens of Logroño, Cruz-Dunne has appealed to “commitment” and “civic responsibility” because it is something that “concerns us all.” Regarding police surveillance of these activities, although he has remarked that it is not his responsibility to “develop these measures”, he has highlighted “a constant dialogue with municipal units, as it is a cross-cutting issue.”

Finally, it has also announced that the City Council will develop a campaign to appeal to this responsibility “so that those few people who do not usually comply strictly with the measures, carry it out.”