A band hired a cat because his meows were full of emotion

A band hires a catThus, they assure that their meows are full of emotion.

Cat in Rock band. | Source: Diffusion

In today’s music it is normal to find sounds that humans can hardly produce. There are some people who choose to use autotune to fine tune their voice and others who prefer to use their cat.

Anna the owner of cat, released a press release, where he revealed that when he adopted his kitten Roope-Shakir, he soon realized that he was a prodigy in the musical field. “The meows he was throwing were full of feeling, so it occurred to him to form a ‘cat metal band’. Although it seems not very credible, in this way they show that cats also have musical ears.

A band hired a cat because his meows were full
Cat and Rock Band.

Cat and Rock Band. | Source: Diffusion

The music trend cat

“I knew that Roope-Shakir had the talent from the moment he came to my apartment. I heard his excited meows and knew I needed to be in charge of a cat metal band. “, said Anna Mrzyglocki in statements to SDPNoticias.

She claimed to be inspired by music groups like Hatebeak who use the voice of a parrot for their songs or Caninus where voices they are put on by several pitbulls terrier. As every mother wanted to give her full support to cat and make him a star of music.

First musical single

The group has already released its first song Hunger of the beast, what does it mean Hunger of the beast, title that may be inspired by the meows of the cat who demanded that its owner give it something to eat.

According to the representative of this band, All proceeds will go to a rescue shelter for street animals: Whiskers A-GoGo. If you want to help you can download the theme for a single dollar.

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A band hired a cat because his meows were full of emotion