7 easy hairstyles to do to succeed at a festival

They are already here. The funniest musical plans of the summer have arrived… And yes, a few have already been held. Do you know what we’re talking about? Exact! The music festivals. They are always celebrated in this summer season and it is rare who at this point has not yet joined in enjoying this madness. In them, It is becoming more and more common to bet on the most instagrammable lookswhich have little or nothing to envy Coachella, the most popular festival in the world.

And are you also one of those people who seeks to leave everyone with their mouths open? If so, and you want to pose and then publish your best moments as if it were an influencer, from LOS40 we have made a compilation of the easiest and most groundbreaking hairstyles to go to a festival this summer. You will have different options to choose from, regardless of whether your hair is short or long. Do you dare with a different look? Here we go!

If you manage to dodge any of heat waves in Spain and your pocket can afford it, we encourage you to break the monotony of your clothes and opt for something different, as well as simple, to go to music festivals this summer.

1. Root Braids

A classic that cannot be missing in any concert and that has to be on this list of hairstyles to succeed at a festival. Copy this look to Estela Grande and add an accessory to give it that differential touch that will make you stand out.

Although if you have short hair and want to give it a different touch, opt for a small updo at your ends as if it were a mini bun, just like Ana Padilla herself does.

Another very original option is the one that Tamara Gorro bets on in this look. It is about dyeing some strands of your hair with a most cheerful color and its contrast will add a fun touch to your hairstyle. Although if you don’t really like this option, you can also try doing the same with a small handkerchief and you’ll see how you end up loving the contrast.

2. Bubble Braids

One of the trends that has been repeated the most so far this year and, therefore, could not be missing from this list. Separate your hair and start doing little pigtails and then, divide them in two to join them with the next one. Help yourself with small elastic bands to chain them.

And if you want to give it a more casual touch, then open them very carefully so that they are more bulky.

3. Classic waves

A hairstyle that never disappoints but only more daring they will be willing to wear given the heat, fervor and adrenaline of the moment, as it can be a bit uncomfortable. But surely if you take the photo as soon as you arrive, it looks incredible.

4. Half updo with two bows

Another simple hairstyle that will help you remove a large part of the hair from your face, which, on many occasions, is even annoying in the heat. For this quick and easy hairstyle, you don’t need anything more than a little patience and a good mirror so that both bows are proportionate.

5. A braided ponytail with two strands

This surprising look of Paula Echevarría has been something very commented these days and it is so original, that it deserved a place in this list. Is about a high braided ponytail and two small loose strands in the part closest to the face. These two strands are also braided and the contrast they make is really spectacular.

6. Semi pigtails with curls

Whether your curls are the result of genetics or if you personalize them with the iron, remember that for this hairstyle you will only need a comb and a couple of rubber bands to grab a couple of strands and make a ponytail on each side.

Although if you have straight hair or simply prefer to wear it that way, then go for this incredible hairstyle by Laura Escanes and show off your hair even at the festival.

7. Loose hair with two thin braids

One of the easiest hairstyles you can do, regardless of your hair type. It will look great on you! you just need separate two thin strands from the rest of the hair and insert a small elastic band. Then make a normal braid until the middle and not until the end.

8. Waves and braids

A most summery hairstyle that can not be missing either. It is about filling half of your head with small knots and tying them with a small rubber band.

Choose the option that you like the most and show off your hairstyle in your photos at the musical dates, which you will have this year at the summer festivals.

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7 easy hairstyles to do to succeed at a festival