‘5SOS5’: All about the new 5 Seconds of Summer album

After 2 and a half years without launching any project, 5 Seconds of Summer premiere 5SOS5, their fifth studio album. The pop-rock band decided to use palindrome acronyms to present one of their most intimate projects.


18 months from brand new CALM, fourth studio album, 5 Seconds of Summer released the first preview of 5SOS5. It was about 2011, a nostalgic song that portrayed the tour of the Australian band. However, the song did not appear on the album, but it was the prelude to CompleteMessthe first single for March 2.

On May 10 the band revealed the ‘track list’ via Twitter. The next day he met Me Myself & Ithe third single from the album, as well as the name and release date.

track list

In total there are 19 songs with a duration of one hour and four minutes. Among them there is only one collaboration with Sierra Deatonfiancee of Luke Hemmings -vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer-.

In addition to CompleteMess Y Me, Myself & Ithe other three singles from 5SOS5 are Blender, Older Y take my hand.

What did the band say?

From the members of the band there have been two crucial opinions about the process of the album and what they wanted to leave embodied in it. These are Ashton Irwing and Luke Hemmings.

Ashton Irwin a Wonderland Magazine: “It’s absolutely diverse in every way, and the band has been on its way to building a rock and pop identity. We have made progress on both lanes. We’ve worked on pop writing and love to melodically write unique choruses and concepts. On the other hand, the rock side of the band has improved in terms of recording.”

luke hemmings a Apple Music: “The album is definitely very introspective. Lyrically, looking at everything that has happened to us, it has been a great theme. For me, the whole album is the most introspective and the most lyrically beautiful we’ve ever done. There’s a lot of heart in it.”

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‘5SOS5’: All about the new 5 Seconds of Summer album