50 years ago today: Only one musician from the historic band that sang the National Anthem in 1903 survives

50 years ago today Only one musician from the historic

Original text published by La Nación on January 18, 1973

The history of the Costa Rican National Anthem is long, but the only man who can tell it with full authority and who participated in it is still alive. It is José Córdoba, a musician from Curridabat who was a member of the National Band when he performed the Anthem for the first time with the definitive lyrics. Córdoba recounted that, being very young, he showed off with his clarinet to interpret this patriotic symbol.

Códoba is currently 99 years old and disabled. But he specified that it was September 15, 1903 when he had the joy of showing off with his instrument and singing the Hymn.

The creation of the Anthem was in June 1852 when President Juan Rafael Mora realized that the country did not have national music and that it was necessary to sing something at the presentation ceremony of two illustrious representatives from the United States and Great Britain, who would come to the country.

It is said that Juan Rafael Mora imperatively ordered the general director of bands, Don Manuel María Gutiérrez, to compose music and some went so far as to affirm that he put it under lock and key with the expectation that he would not leave until the order was fulfilled, but this version is not safe. But what is certain is that on June 11, 1852, when the distinguished visitors were received at the National Palace (former Artillery and today the Central Bank), in addition to English and North American music, the notes of Costa Rica were heard. . The definitive lyrics were written by José María Zeledón Brenes in 1903.


Explosion killed three workers

Three workers from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, who were working on the road that connects San Isidro de El General with Dominical, were blown up by the explosion of 204 dynamite candles that they planned to use to demolish a rock.

The remains of the workers were scattered in an area of ​​200 meters. People who witnessed the accident stated that the explosion occurred at 10:30 am “Fortunately we were at a great distance, we were petrified to see the column of smoke and rocks everywhere, because we knew that there were people working there,” said the informant.

Faced with this accident, officials from the Detective Homicide section left for the accident area to carry out an investigation into what happened, to dispel any doubts that may arise around the event that caused the instantaneous death of three workers.

Marijuana seized in Alajuelita

A man with the last name Rivera was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the vicinity of Alajuelita for engaging in marijuana trafficking. The capture was made by detectives Bauzid and Benavides, who made an important discovery: the man was engaged in distilling marijuana, which he prepared with 90-degree alcohol. The herb was steeped in alcohol in vials until all the intoxicating material was released.

Detectives said this was some kind of rudimentary hashish. The suspect was placed under the order of the Public Security narcotics department.

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50 years ago today: Only one musician from the historic band that sang the National Anthem in 1903 survives