5 hairstyles for Corona Capital 2022 with which you will steal ALL eyes

Ready for him? Crown Capital 2022? Finish preparing your look with these hairstyles for music festivals super pretty! We know that the most important thing about these events is to enjoy the live music and the atmosphere of the place, but we cannot ignore the important role played by the outfits and the beauty looks.

And yes, these festivals they become a whole parade that is usually attended by personalities from fashion, cinema, television, influencers and all those who are interested in music, so we have searched for you the perfect accessory to destroy your outfit these days that are coming: the best ideas of festival hairstyles.

Get ready because they are perfect for stealing looks, but at the same time they are practical and we will tell you how to make sure they arrive intact until the last moment of your favorite band’s concert.

half ponytail with bun

This alternative will make you look very cool at all times, in addition to being super comfortable to wear during the festival. It’s super easy to do: just take the top half of your hair and put together a messy bunOf course, use fixative and pins so that it does not fall apart with the jumps and screams of emotion. You can add XL earrings to give it more impact, as well as a makeup with a lot of shine.

The best part is that you can do this hairstyle no matter if your hair is long or short.


inlaid braid

The intertwined ones will always be a very practical and chic alternative for any occasion, but if you are thinking of a Music festivalthen choose one raised braid to beat the heatand add inlays such as pearls or rhinestones for that cool touch that we are looking for for the Crown Capital.

The inlays in your hairstyle are the must of the season.


Rainbow Mushroom

If you are looking for a lot of color and prominence in your hairstyles for music festivals, we have the idea that you must carry out. It is a twisted and twisted bun at the nape of the neck. For this, you will have to part yourself in the middle and hold a low ponytail; then, you will braid the locks and twist them at the nape of the neck. Use hairspray and then place colored bobby pins on both sides of your head.

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5 hairstyles for Corona Capital 2022 with which you will steal ALL eyes