5 albums that came out today and you have to listen

As happens every week, an infinite number of new albums of different genres and for all tastes come to light. That is why since indie today we recommend you five albums that came out today and that you have to listen to.

PJ Harvey – I Inside the Old Year dying

I Inside the Old Year Dying is the tenth studio album by PJ Harvey. It is her first album with new material since The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016) and she herself served as a producer with flood and John Parish. As she explained through a statement, the album was composed in just three weeks, although it arose from some ideas and concepts that he had written in mid-2017, in a period where he felt that he had lost his connection with musicwhich led her to abandon writing.

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Julie Byrne- The Greater Wings

The first album of Julie Byrne in over six years is a testament to patience and determination, the will to transform through the desolation of loss, the vitality of renewal, and the courage to rise up forever renewed. The record was written over several seasons, taking footage from touring nights, periods of isolation, and road trips for their various collaborations between Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles..

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ANOHNI and the Johnsons – My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the album What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. He was a really important referent in my mind,” he said. ANOHNI on his sixth studio album, My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross. As their first full album since hopelessness From 2016, ANOHNI explains that the creative process was “industrious, but also inspiring, joyous and intimate, a renewal and rebranding in his response to the world as he sees it.” An album that its creator recognizes as personal and political, and that is full of sincere music that also questions its own right to be heard..

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He Killed a Motorized Policeman – super horror

super horrorthe fourth album of He Killed a Motorized Police, is presented as a heterogeneous tour, manifesting in its forms and record a special moment for the band: the post-pandemic. Starting from that base, the album raises a series of reflections that inevitably come with the passage of time and that have to do with the uncertain future, breakups and new beginningsalways from the accurate poetry of Santiago Motorized and the epic melodies that are the band’s trademark style.

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Little Dragon- Slugs of Love

Slugs of Love is the seventh album of Little Dragon, released via Ninja Tune, and features features from artists like JID and Damon Albarn. Through a statement, the band said: “Together we have developed, played, danced, cried and laughed with this music as it evolved forwards, backwards, to the sides and in all directions, but finally as a complete masterpiece. This It feels like our best work yet. We’re so proud.”

Listen Slugs of Love on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music).

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5 albums that came out today and you have to listen