4,700 schoolchildren attend the percussion show ‘Living Room Music’ in San Sebastián

'Living Room Music' in Miramon © Conny Beyreuther | SBI

‘Living Room Music’ in Miramon © Conny Beyreuther | SBI


Euskadiko Orchestra presents these days the second production of Season 22/23 of its educational cycle Musika Gela: Living Room Music. This production premiered two years ago as a Family Concert, but its entire program could not be completed, since the Concerts for Schoolchildren could not be held either in the 20/21 or 21/22 seasons due to the pandemic. Now they are recovering, and thanks to them a total of 4,700 schoolchildren from more than 50 centers will be able to enjoy the show from January 18 to 27 at the orchestra’s headquarters in Miramon.

with script of Mikel Canadacoordinator of Musika Gela, Living Room Music part of the homonymous piece by john cage and links together works by various composers to build a fun parody that evokes memories of the confinement we are experiencing in 2020 and reveals the ability of people to, through percussion, create sounds, rhythms and, consequently, music, with almost everything.

In Living Room Musicfour percussionists (Anthony Lafargue, Hector Marques, Igor Arostegi Y Gorka Catediano) are surprised by a mandatory quarantine that they must all spend together in an apartment. Starting from the confusion caused by forced confinement, the four roommates experiment with elements of the house with which, through percussion, music can be created: tables, spoons, fans, water, lamps, pots, stairs or garbage cans, even their hands and their voices, everything serves them to devise rhythms with which to have fun while they remain locked up. Meanwhile, her only contact with the outside world, a somewhat indiscreet neighbor, who is a soprano (a role played by actress Ana Hernández Sanchiz), begins to get uncomfortable with so much “noise” and does not stop bothering her.

Igor Arostegi, Anthony Lafargue, Héctor Marqués are musicians of the Euskadiko Orkestra and, together with Gorka Catediano, make up the Euskadiko Orkestra Percussion Group. Ana Hernández Sanchiz from Pamplona develops various facets within the performing arts (actress, scriptwriter, show creator, scriptwriter…) and is a specialist in music education.

The Concerts for Schoolchildren have the support of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, the General Assemblies of Gipuzkoa and the Education section of the San Sebastián City Council.

Family Concert and Miramon Matinee

In addition to schoolchildren, the show will also be open to other audiences. On the one hand, this Saturday, January 21, at 11:00, a Family Concert has also been scheduled in Miramon, particularly recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old, and for which all tickets have already been sold out. On the other hand, the following Saturday, January 28, also at 11:00, the show will be slightly adapted to be offered as a Miramon Matinée. It will be a pure percussion concert, without the theatrical part, where the Euskadiko Orkestra Percussion Group will perform many of the works from the Musika Gela production and some others exclusively.

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4,700 schoolchildren attend the percussion show ‘Living Room Music’ in San Sebastián