15 songs that cannot be missing from your playlist for New Year’s Eve

The New Years Eve It is, without a doubt, a very special date for all of us because it is the day of family reunions, drinking grapes at Puerta del Sol, parties with your friends, the hangover the day after … All this has changed a little because of coronavirus. Even now more than contagions have increased.

Therefore, we have to celebrate that night more carefully than before, but with the same illusion of always. And what better way to celebrate than with the music of our favorite artists, who have been with us for another year.

This is where we appear, who from LOS40 we recommend you 15 songs you can add to your playlist to say goodbye to New Years Eve and energetically welcome the new year, 2022. Artists like Sebastian Yatra, J Balvin, Raw Alejandro, BTS The Lil Nas X they are the ones that will be able to animate your last night of the year.

1. Sebastián Yatra – Red Heels

This song of Sebastian Yatra It is the one that tops our list, since it is perfect to begin to liven up the atmosphere. With catchy urban and pop rhythmsWe are sure that we will not be able to resist dancing to the Colombian’s favorite song. And it is that the singer fell in love with this great song and with his funny video clip that accompanies it. What’s more, so far the clip carries more than 46 million views on YouTube. Without a doubt, it is all a musical success that cannot be missed in the farewell of 2021.

2. Karol G y Tiësto – Don’t Be Shy

And coughing, Bichota The Oh Lord they managed to make us dance in the last few months, Karol G I did it again this summer with a new pop dance theme along with one of the best DJs ever: Tiesto. Don’t Be Shy It has become one of those songs that are impossible not to add to your favorite playlist. And it is that this single is special for the Colombian, since it is about her first time singing in english. Surely in 2022 you will have more opportunities to shine in English.

3. C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso – Atheist

It was very clear that we were going to add this great song of C. Tangana Y Nathy Peluso. Atheist, the song leader of all streaming platforms since it was launched in October 2021. Especially the video clip that accompanied the song gave a lot to talk about both outside and within the music industry. The single, which is nurtured by latin sounds of bachata, it fits very well in our New Years Eve party.

4. Justin Quiles, Chimbala and Zion & Lennox – Loco

Loco was one of the themes of the summer of this year and, because of its music, it is a perfect fit for make us vibrate during the New Year’s Eve party. Justin quiles, Chimbala and Zion & Lennox They managed to create a single full of a lot of flow and that adapts to any time of the year. It is even capable of lifting your spirits. So don’t hesitate to add it to your playlist.

5. Elton John y Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)

They could not miss the great Elton John ni Dua Lipa (who has managed to further boost his professional career with this release) on this list. The remix of Cold Heart under the participation of Nuts takes us to the sounds of the eighties and the nostalgia of hearing one of the legendary songs of the Briton again. A different and unique song with which to slam 2021.

6. Lil Nas X – Thats What I Want

Lil Nas X He also has to accompany us on the great night of the year. One of the most sought after artists of recent times and a revolutionary in the music industry. We could add several songs by the singer to this list, but we chose Thats What I Want, the pop song that announced the arrival of his new album: Montero. Without a doubt, the rapper manages to make us move with a lot of rhythm and on New Year’s Eve it was not going to be less.

7. J Balvin and María Becerra – What else?

Now, a little bit of purely urban rhythm. What else then? from J Balvin Y Maria Becerra (the new promise of the urban genre) became a musical success as soon as it was released in May 2021, reaching one million views on the platforms of streaming. And it is that this powerful collaboration became one of the most played songs in TikTok (without forgetting the little dance that accompanied her). This groundbreaking song must say goodbye to our 2021.

8. Moonlight – MammaMia

It is the turn of the Italian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands: Moonlight. And why not animate our last night of the year with MammaMia, a song full of rock sounds, sensuality and a lot of rebellion. Without a doubt, it is one of the best groups that have been discovered in 2021. For this reason, we decided to say goodbye to this year with this great song and start 2022 with a lot of rhythm.

9. Bad Bunny and Rosalía – Last Night’s Night

We couldn’t let Bad Bunny Y Rosalía off our last big night. Last night’s night It was a long-awaited collaboration among his fans and we could hear it on Valentine’s Day 2021. The song reached more than 5 million views as soon as it was released on digital platforms. A bit of nostalgia and mixed emotions is not bad to feel on a special New Year’s Eve night.

10. Ana Mena and Rocco Hunt – An unexpected kiss

Ana Mena Y Rocco Hunt They joined their voices in June 2021 to bring out a new summer song. An unexpected kiss, which entered our list of Los40, it came to become one of the great hits of the moment, as it happened with One step away from the moon in 2020. For this reason, the chemistry between the Malaga and the Italian has made us fall in love every year that has passed and we are sure that they will continue to do so in the next 2022.

11. Rauw Alejandro – All of You

And what about Everything about you from Raw Alejandro? One of the best songs of the summer cannot be left out of the farewell of 2021. Everything about you came into our lives to stay for a long time. What’s more, the success of this theme made the musical career of the Puerto Rican grew, going so far as to turn the figure of Alejandro into one of the most sought-after artists in the industry. The urban rhythms fit perfectly in any circumstance of our lives and more those of Everything about you.

12. BTS – Butter

A bit of K-pop on our New Year’s Eve it wouldn’t hurt either. But above all, if it is about the music of BTS. Butter is one of the most sounded songs in 2021 and the successor of Dynamite, which reached the top of the LOS40 list twice. And it is that we cannot resist the joy and fun that this great song of the Koreans gives off. So it must also be welcome at the party on December 31st.

13. Zzoilo y Aitana – Mon Amour Remix

Since Aitana Y Zzoilo they joined their voices in My Love Remix It has not stopped ringing everywhere. Above all, in our head. And we are not surprised! The reason is because the song has some very catchy rhythms, fun lyrics and an easy-to-sing chorus. Because, My love It will make us dance and sing non-stop on New Year’s Eve. An issue that hit very hard in 2021 and, surely, than in 2022.

14. Lola Indigo, TINI and Belinda – School Girl

School girl came to become number 1 on the LOS40 list on October 9, 2021. Indigo lola he managed to fall in love with a great song rich in urban sounds and he did it accompanied by two other leading figures of the genre: Belinda Y Teen. In this way, the song will not only make us dance in videos for TikTok, but also in our living room.

15. Farruko – Pepas

If we start the list with a very moving song for the moment, we must close the 2021 stage and welcome 2022 with a lot of energy. For that we need the musical strength of Farruko in Pepas. “Pepa and water for the dry ‘, everyone in pill’ at the disco“is the chorus that will last the longest in our heads. With this song, we remember the moments of partying and mass gatherings that we were able to celebrate before the coronavirus pandemic. Without a doubt, Farruko has managed to give us back the illusion and the fun with Pepas. And we appreciate it, enjoying it to the fullest and including it in our New Year’s Eve playlist.

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15 songs that cannot be missing from your playlist for New Year’s Eve