15 BTS Winks In ‘Yet To Come’ Video That Pay Tribute To His Career

the boys from bts have revolutionized the music industry with their new release. Arrives proof, their first anthology album with which they have celebrated their nine years in the industry. One of the unreleased songs that have come with this project is Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)a beautiful pop song with which they warn that the best is yet to come.

South Koreans are characterized by giving us relevant and different messages in each of their songs. They not only talk about love and heartbreak, but also about their concerns for social good and for a better world. His fans are above anything, and that is something that we have also seen in the video clip of this new song, in which they have wanted to pay tribute to this career with winks that only they could capture.

In it we find nods to video clips of songs from his previous projects, such as No More Dream, Run, HYYH on stage: prologue, I NEED U, Euphoria, Epilogue: Young Forever, Blood Sweat & Tearsand more.

One of the elements that stands out the most is that of the giant angel that appears in the middle of the desert. Coincidentally it is the one that appears in the clip of Blood Sweat & Tearswhich Jin approaches to touch with his hands.

The school bus that also appears in the middle of the desert is an element that attracts attention, and it is the one that appears in the video of No More Dream. But these are just some of the winks that appear, since their scenes are loaded with all of them.

The release of this video has been a success among fans of the K-Pop band. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of this first compilation album, with which they have shown that all these years of career have been full of successes and many hits. But this album was not going to be starred only by the songs that have been part of his past. With their sights set on the future, they release For Youth, Run BTS and this single that has made it clear to us that BTS is here for a while.

BTS is back, the band that has conquered millions of people around the world with its stories is back. And you, which one has inspired you the most?

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15 BTS Winks In ‘Yet To Come’ Video That Pay Tribute To His Career