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What differentiates rock to the park from other festivals is that Colombian artists are the majority of the bill. It’s very exciting to see the big international shows, but it’s just as exciting, and sometimes even more exciting, to see the national proposals that come to this stage.

As every year there are the district guests, the nationals and classic bands that have carved their way to this festival. And this year the bet is enormous and clearly there are several unmissable shows such as Massacre, IRA, The 1280 Souls, Oh’laville, Krönös, Leaving the Crypt and Blasphemybut there are also several bands that are making very different music, challenging and framed in the present of the planet.

Some are emerging, others spend several years building incredible music and reach rock to the park to show their full potential and, incidentally, demonstrate all the talent that exists in the country.

These ten projects form the musical circuits that every weekend they struggle to create from precariousness and from self-managed spaces. They do not seek to copy sounds, nor are they imitations of past eras. They are honest projects that are going strong and that during these two weekends they are going to set Simón Bolívar on fire.

So go ahead and listen, discover and let yourself be captivated by these ten Colombian artists.

This is a challenging, unpredictable and magical union between Pasto and Bogotá in which electric guitars are replaced by saxophone and Gabriela Ponce’s hypnotic voice leads a trance of distortion and fire.

These twin sisters are blessed with voices that take one’s breath away. But not only that, the musical games that both create create dreamy atmospheres that take you out of reality and take you to a universe of color and infinite beauty. Without a doubt, this is a unique project in the world that you have to live it to understand it.

A bass and drums are all this group from Bogotá needs to make the world tremble. Boca de serpiente is pure and raw rock without pretensions or embellishments, direct distortion to the veins to lose control.

Ironic, playful, rebellious and direct, this is the punk of Rattus Rattus, a band that takes music to dimensions where there are no rules. Having fun and shouting is the attitude of this band full of energy that will make us dance wildly.

Wildness. There is no better way to describe this band that has been giving life to Bogota nights for several years. Garage rock, chaotic, crazy and very funny is the proposal of this band that invites us to lose control.

The African diaspora and all its magic and beauty are transmuted in the music of this group that comes from Cali to show all the flavor and strength of the music of the Pacific. The tradition of the coast, the mysticism of the marimba and the pulse of the city come together in this outstanding project.

Born in front of the Galeras volcano and adopted by Bogotá, this troubadour has united that Andean feeling of both cities to create a project that warms the heart with his sweet lyrics and his songs that include classic arrangements of the folklore of the mountains of this country, together with the jazz, rock and pop.

Raised in Bogotá and based in London, this singer has sought to take pop to new places. On the one hand she has the influence of the great pop divas and on the other the heat of the Caribbean and that unique energy of the capital. Her sound is warm, sensual and very mestizo. She travels soundly through several continents and combines popular Anglo-Saxon music with Colombian music.

Another of Pasto’s sons who found in Bogotá a source of creativity to unleash new and dreamlike sounds. Calmness, love and good vibes lead the sweet sounds of this singer-songwriter who invites us on a sound journey through the universe with each cut.

This band is very rare because few groups are encouraged to do rockabilly in Colombia and that is their greatest strength. This is a project that forces you to dance and enjoy, it is a risky bet but very well achieved, full of sympathy, a lot of attitude and good rock.

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10 must-see national bands from Rock to the Park 2022 | radionics