10 Argentine releases to listen to this week: Babasónicos, Saramalacara, Paco Amoroso and more

Last week he left several surprises to fill us with emotions. From the captivating singles of Santiago Motorized, Drooling and Nicki nicole, even the discs of Rudy and Gaspar Tessi, there is no doubt that Argentine music is going through a moment of renewal and freshness. Also, artists like Faraonika, saramalacara and Paco Amoroso evidenced the rise of resignifying the young national scene, while Ignacio Herbojo and gativideo they continue to explore new territories to enchant us immediately.

Santiago Motorizado – “Stardust”

After brand new A rare vacation (2021) and “Fool heart“Together with Vicentico, the leader of El Killed a Motorized Police presents”Star dust”, Second preview of what will be his new solo album: Songs about a house, four friends and a dog. “That Santiago Sing to love is not a novelty but that he does it escaping from the universe that saw him grow up, yes. A step forward on the road to an album that will bring cumbia, folklore, tango, rock and refreshing sounds that play between the classic and the experimental ”, explains an official statement about the album that will be released on October 15.

Saramalakara x Evar – USB Idol

saramalacara plunges us into cyberspace with the three tracks that make up the energetic and extravagant USB Idol. Produced by your faithful collaborator Evar, the first EP by the native of Mataderos unfolds the vertiginousness that she anticipated “Guchi Polo”To delve fully into the aesthetics of videogames and hypnotize his followers with boldness and debauchery. A short but intense repertoire that completes the conceptual power with lysergic audiovisual pieces by Juli Grasss and Juanita.

Babasónicos – “The left of the night”

“The song is a trace of fusion with the present, a work that dialogues and goes out to discuss with today,” explained the legendary Argentine group of their most recent single. “The left of the night“is a pop piece with psychedelic overtones that radiates both the mystery and the sensuality that characterizes Drooling. The video that accompanied the launch was directed by Juan Cabral and starring Adrián Dárgelos himself, who once again echoes his acting ingenuity, eluding the paparazzi in a night owl heartbreak story.

Paco Amoroso – “Black Widow”

Paco Amoroso published a new preview of what will be Saeta, his first solo album, along with a cinematographic video directed by Pampa & Kato Aramburu. Black widow”Evidences the versatility of the proposal of the musician originally from Buenos Aires with a nocturnal imprint in the key of house pop that pushes us towards the dance floor. The track was produced by Tadefonk and Alot (Baby Boom) and mixed by Ezequiel Kronenberg.

Gativideo – “Gualicho”

One month after releasing “What do you care”, gativideo published the second and final preview of the successor of colorama (2018). “Gualicho”Opposes the joviality and splendor that the Buenos Aires group usually radiates, alluding to the shadows of the occult without losing grace or style. The song was produced by Julián Contopulos and came out together with a video with nods to horror movies made by the band and Planeta Hache.

Faraonika x Polsick – “XQT DOY”

On his fourth single of the year, the versatile artist from La Plata join forces with the producer Polsick for a ballad of dramatic heartbreak and restless electronic beats. According to a press release, Faraonika was inspired by the card “The retribution” of the Egyptian tarot, which represents “giving and receiving and the internal crisis when the dynamics is unbalanced.” The launch was accompanied by a video made by Neneca that combines digital glitches, sensuality and mystery.

Ignacio Herbojo – “Do not think about you”

The pop artist paid a warm tribute to the recent deceased Raffaella Carrá in a remastering of his first release originally published in 2013 and distinguished as his queer cover letter. Regarding this warm cover, Ignacio Herbojo commented through a press release: Originally it is a terrible story, made up with glitter, arpeggiators and drum machines; Made to dance and cry ripped apart in a disco. My idea with this cover was to change the setting, put on different clothes, running mascara, post-dance, after all… generate another fantasy ”.

Rudy – Thanatos

The Cordoba singer-songwriter published Thanatos, his third studio album made up of seven powerful tracks that pessimistically mimic the adversities of the last two years. For almost half an hour, Rudy evidence that rock runs through his veins by unfolding the psychedelic side that he hinted at in the lysergic video of “Algo más” made by Joaquín Ferrón. The successor of Desert runner (2019) was recorded at 440 Estudio de Córdoba Capital by Sebastián Palacios and produced by Nacho Sánchez.

Gaspar Tessi – Tessirve

The memory of his cat Jazmín, a trip in Uber to eat a mixed Flan in a bar in the city of Buenos Aires and the parties in Palermo are some of the scenes that he revisits Gaspar Tessi on Tessirve. Consisting of eleven songs, the third album of the Buenos Aires musician and actor He uses a rainbow of sounds to narrate the movie of his life with humor, elegance and River Plate romance.

Nicki Nicole – “Part of Me”

The Rosario star put her heart on the table in the new preview of the long-awaited successor of Regards (2019). Away from the incendiary stance of his successful previous collaborations, “Part of me”Is closer to the fragility of“ Prayers ”with a sensitivity that moves to tears. “It is a very special song for me, I would tell you that it is the most special I have recorded to this day. I wrote it to a person who is no longer with me and who marked me a lot in my life. It is part of me for you and for each one who feels it is yours ”, he revealed Nicki nicole about the song that was accompanied by an audiovisual piece made up of home videos from his childhood.

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