Zara is inspired by the mythical movie Moulin Rouge to create a dreamy top

As soon as we saw this top from Zara we started listening to the music of Moulin Rouge while we remember the most iconic scenes of this movie. A classic that we all fell in love with and that is always present in the world of fashion. The dresses, glitters, dances and songs that recreate the dramatic love story of the protagonists, are a benchmark in our most special looks. The corset has become a trend again and this season the fringes arrive with great force. Zara has been inspired by one of our favorite movies to bring its new collection to life.

Moulin Rouge is Zara’s source of inspiration to create a dreamy top

Zara’s new top looks like something out of the Moulin Rouge movie. Nicole Kidman would have worn it with a skirt and stockings on stage singing in its original version to her audience. An authentic piece full of life and emotion that will conquer us as soon as we see it, it is simple and wonderful, like the movie and the mood it provokes in us.

A black top is possibly the best wardrobe ever. With pants, jeans or skirts we can solve more than one look. But every top must have some grace to give it that personal and somewhat cheerful touch that we are looking for. Zara has managed to create a unique low cost piece in every way.

Zara is inspired by the mythical movie Moulin Rouge to create a dreamy top

We can set up a stage at home and start rehearsing some of the songs of the film, this top will take us directly to the cabaret aesthetic of red Mill. Give dynamism to the dance, feel the energy of the music and show femininity in its purest form, it will be possible for only 22 euros.

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Zara has the top we have dreamed of since we saw the movie. It is not necessary for us to go on stage, but simply to take it to the office or to a romantic dinner. The straps are beautiful and with the fringes we will gain a point of originality without losing the elegance we are looking for.

Letizia She is one of the celebrities who has worn fringes, these types of elements are what manage to give her figure a very special movement. As she we will look for that point that turn black top into something else, in a whole piece of classic-inspired design. A work of art in the purest Moulin Rouge style is waiting for us at Zara.

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