June 15, 2021

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Zack Snyder wants to direct a Rick & Morty movie | Tomatazos

Zack Snyder wants to direct a Rick Morty movie

Zack snyder continues and will continue to generate controversy with its projects. His most recent work in The army of the dead – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos78%, with the total creative freedom that Netflix lets, it served to relax the discussion about his skills behind the camera a bit. Although the film has obvious script errors, the truth is that it can be enjoyed in its simplicity; finally asking for no more from the action-loving audience, blood, and zombie crowds. Furthermore, the result of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos82% it also served to clear his name in the world of adaptations that launched him to fame.

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Snyder still doesn’t quite convince his audience when it comes to original work, which has actually done very little work, but his vision to go from paper to the big screen definitely gives a lot to talk about. From his musical choice to the emotional approaches with which he decides to portray established superheroes in the collective culture, this director still has a lot to contribute if his experience with Warner did not leave him disenchanted.

The director has always made his interests clear at the narrative level, although he does not always succeed and everything corresponds to the balance between visual technique and emotion that affects the viewer. This ideal becomes a two-edged sword, as some hope that an action film is superficial and that it only depends on its great moments made of fights, blood and fire (like the saga of Fast and furious), and immediately reject any intention of giving depth and enigma to the protagonists. While others do not forgive script errors and disqualify any visual aspect that provides a momentary emotion.

Perhaps the best option is to move away from the idea of ​​overly dignifying the action genre and approach another that allows you to experience the same. Although Snyder is very connected with this style and does not see himself directing other types of films, he himself speaks of a very curious exception that if made it would be quite a spectacle. During a recent interview for the channel The Film Junkee, the also director of 300 – 60% revealed:

I don’t have a comedy in mind that I could direct, if we are talking about a pure comedy. Probably a Rick & Morty tape would be the closest thing to a comedy you could do.

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Rick and morty is an animation created by Dan Harmon Y Justin roiland which premiered in 2013. The series tells us about the strange adventures of these two characters that include time travel, intergalactic walks, violence, references to classic films and a lot, a lot of existential philosophy. Thanks to the great work of animation, script and that of the actors who provide the voices, this cartoon became a worldwide success that receives praise and attacks alike.

Important part of comedy in Rick and morty it is the mockery of what we consider important in life, what is socially acceptable and the famous political correctness. Thus, the series has attacked presidents, world wars, feminists, religion and a host of aspects that the protagonist considers hypocritical. It is clearly a black comedy that has its audience and its detractors very well established. Although it does not have as many episodes as fans would like, the fifth season will finally arrive in June of this year.

The fame of Rick and morty it is such that they even have their own line of comics, video games, shorts and even a spin-off soon to be released. With so many references to classic sci-fi and action films, it is not uncommon for someone like Snyder to feel a great attraction for this series and he is not the only celebrity who is aware of its episodes. Chris EvansFor example, he has also made his admiration known and many fans ask to be invited to lend a voice to a character. Could Snyder then direct an adaptation? The truth is that there are no plans for a movie; However, it is clear that there is still much that can be exploited, so anything is possible. Maybe it’s just what the director needs to start causing controversy and debate in a genre that is totally new to him.

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