Young man recreated nacho hat from ‘My Favorite Villain 2’ and they viralized it: “I always wanted that”

The young woman presumed that she managed to recreate the object of the film (Photo: Universal Studios/TikTok @chellerodrigueez)

The movies of My favorite villain Without a doubt, they marked several generations, as endearing characters such as The Minions, Agnes or the not so evil Gru, They conquered the hearts of the spectators. It was so, on this occasion, a young woman decided to go a little further and recreated a famous nacho hat that comes out in the second tape of this fun saga.

It was the user identified as Michelle Rodríguez (@chellerodrigueez) who shared from her account TikTok the process and result of his attempt to bring to reality the curious object that surely more than one fan has wanted to have.

In the clip, which quickly racked up more than 27 million views, the young woman can be seen recalling the scene and going to her kitchen to prepare the hat. Thus, after mixing the ingredients, placing it in the oven and putting the guacamole, He managed to accommodate it in his head and boasted to Internet users the achievement.

The reactions on the part of the users did not take long to appear and several they were excited realizing that the emblematic fictional scene could be taken to a more tangible level.

“Since I saw that movie I was always waiting for a person to make that hat”. “I always wanted someone to do that.” “I loved when she put it on.” “I always wanted that”. “It was beautiful”. “Incredible”, were some of the mentions that Michelle received in her comment box.

But the situation did not end there, since other netizens they questioned if the texture of the hat was really so crunchy like the one in the movie and some more demanding ones were disappointed because the young woman did not break a piece of the accessory to dip it in guacamole and eat it.

“I thought he would do exactly the same thing, try to break and eat there and most importantly he didn’t, what happened there? what to confirm”. “It would have to be corn, right? “But did it fit you like nacho?”, they questioned.

Faced with the many questions, the woman decided to tell a little more about the process and added that, indeed, it had a crunchy texture, howeverhad to make some modifications to be able to use it on the head.

“Yes (it was like nacho) only where did the guacamole go I made it thicker because it broke,” he wrote in the first instance and later explained in another comment what ingredients he used: “Corn flour, wheat flour, oil and salt.”

Although the influencer did not delve into the procedure she followed to create the nacho hat from My favorite villain, Next we tell how You can make this dish from the comfort of home.

According to the channel Youtube of La Coquette For this recipe you will need:

-a charro hat or a mold with a small carerola (to give the shape)

-300 grams of Maseca (nixtamalized corn flour)

-750 grams of wheat flour

-1 teaspoon salt

-about 800mL of warm water

-spray oil

The minions became very famous just like Gru: (Photo: Minions: A villain is born - Trailer)
The minions became very famous just like Gru: (Photo: Minions: A villain is born – Trailer)

For the guacamole sauce:

-5 to 6 avocados

-1 cup of cream

-Garlic powder to taste

-Salt to taste



-⅓ cup of lemon juice

The youtuber delved into her video that, after having all the ingredients, the first thing to do is the mold. Thus, in case of having the hat, it will have to be completely covered with aluminum and then with aluminum balls the hole in the hat will be filled.

Subsequently, with aluminum the raised shape will also be given to the edges, so they can retain the guacamole. Then the tortilla dough will be made and after it is well kneaded, it will be rolled out.

Later, with spray oil, all the aluminum of the hat will be sprayed and little by little the object will be covered with the already spread tortilla dough. Also, when you’re ready, It should be varnished with a layer of oil and put in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 185 degrees Celsius for about 50 minutes.

Later, it will be removed from the oven, the guacamole that must be previously prepared will be placed on it, and the curious nacho hat will be ready.


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Young man recreated nacho hat from ‘My Favorite Villain 2’ and they viralized it: “I always wanted that”