You will cry! Netflix has this movie that shows the importance of listening to others; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico

More often they come to light new options to watch content and have entertainment via streaming; This mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Mexico last year February 28, 2020.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand globally, mainly because it is committed to the best releases within the film world, from the most recent premieres to the classics of the seventh art.

And it is precisely within this context that the demand entertainment without leaving home has increased, that now the platforms that offer content via streaming They have increased their bets to offer the service to their users.

Netflix bets on original content

Against this background, Netflix has consolidated as one of the platforms with the highest demand by users globally, thanks to the fact that it is committed to constantly renewing its productions and making content made by its own production company.

However, the giant of strumming of red logo also does what is necessary to buy the right of certain films that it considers essential within its catalog, so now it has a new one film that will flood you with reflection and strong emotions.

A movie that will make you cry

Let us remember that within the last updates, the platform based in Los Gatos, California, now presents a daily update of the films that are positioned within the Top 10 of the most viewed in each country.

And it is precisely within this listing that the movie “Lulli” has now been cast, which is positioned as one of the most viewed in Mexico, as it entered the Top 10 and ranks nowadays place number six.

What is the movie about?

This film follows the story of Lulli (Larissa Manoela), a young and talented medical student who, after being electrocuted by an MRI machine, her life will change for full, because before the accident, she was considered an egomaniacal woman who was only interested in her processes personal.

However, after the mishap, the young student will begin to listen to the thoughts of others, so you will have to face the challenge of knowing the needs and the thoughts of each individual that surrounds him, a situation contrary to or accustomed, because in his world before there was only her and her problems.

This is a Brazilian film that was made under the direction of César Rodrigues, it also has a remarkable cast, as it starred Larissa Manoela, Vinicius Redd, Sergio Malheiros, Amanda de Godoi, Yara Charry, Nicolas Ahnert and Paula Possani. It premiered in Latin America last week and runs for 90 minutes.


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You will cry! Netflix has this movie that shows the importance of listening to others; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico