“Wound”: is the film with Halle Berry a great female tribute to “Rocky”? | REVIEW

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With a long and fruitful career in Hollywood, including a 2001 Oscar Award for “Monster’s Ball,” made the great leap to management in 2021 with “Herida”, a film released a few days ago on Netflix, the leading streaming network that, due to its wide market (215 million subscribers), guarantees an unbeatable power of outreach throughout the world. planet.

Has this Berry debut as a filmmaker been auspicious? Next, we will try to comment on some details that we consider important about this two-hour film.

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“Wound” tells the story of Jackie Justice, a UFC expeller who, from one moment to another, has the possibility of returning to said sport, although along the way she must overcome a series of obstacles that go from her past marked by the abuses suffered, even the complex approach to his maternal side.

Due to the activity carried out by its main character and due to the difficulties that fate imposes on him to achieve his objectives, it will not be difficult to make comparisons between “Wound” and the general idea that represents “Rocky”, the successful film saga that Sylvester Stallone directed and He first starred in 1976.

The first detail that comes to light when seeing this film is the great set of incidents that Justice must overcome before returning to the octagon (surface where he fights in the UFC). From a violent boyfriend (Adan Canto / Desi) to a mother (Adriane Lenox / Angel McQueen) indifferent to the abuses committed against her daughter in the past. To this should be added the very obstacles that the protagonist places herself on a daily basis: alcohol, tobacco, and more things not suitable for what can be considered an ‘athlete’.

Halle Berry como Jackie Justice en "Wound". (Foto: Netflix)
Halle Berry as Jackie Justice in “Wound.” (Photo: Netflix)

Without ever reaching half its duration, “Wound” quickly raises a second level. Following an outing with Desi, Justice comes face-to-face with Manny, the youngest son she once had in a past relationship who she simply left at some point in his life. Suddenly, and with the obsession of the ‘return fight’ in the head, our protagonist must bring out – by force – a maternal side that clearly lacks.

From here the situation becomes much more uphill. We already have a fighter who, without producing sufficient financial resources, must support a child that neither her boyfriend nor her mother can bear, whom even she cannot understand (Manny only gestures). Is it possible to focus on a triumphant comeback if everything around you seems to be going wrong?

Returning to the comparison with “Rocky”, beyond the difference between sports, years, cities and genres, would it be correct to say that Rocky Balboa and Jackie Justice travel a similar path? A priori one would think so. However, a closer approach allows us to see that the boxer of Italian origin was not looking to ‘return’, because in reality he never ‘was’ someone. So, Rocky fought for the glory of the one who had nothing, but Jackie – who did fight before in the UFC – fights to survive.

But not everything is dark in the life of this brave athlete. If Rocky was lonely and it was Paulie and Adrian who made him part of their family, the protagonist of “Wound” finds a similar space in the gym. Ultimately, if friends end up being your chosen family, it’s no surprise that your trainer Buddhakan (Sheila Atim) and motivational Pops (Stephen McKinley Henderson, in a role with hints of old Polly) become the containment levees that will prevent them. everything falls apart.

Halle Berry stars in and directs "Wound". (Foto: Netflix)
Halle Berry stars in and directs “Wound.” (Photo: Netflix)

“Wound” is a good movie. His argument is credible and has very well achieved moments, such as the verbal confrontation in which Jackie rebukes her mother for not having locked the door of her room and thus having prevented her from suffering so much abuse in childhood. Here comes another notable difference with “Rocky.” The series starring Stallone, while certainly a personal drama, had elegant touches of humor, in which the protagonist captivated both for his introversion and for his senseless jokes. The same is not the case in this Halle Berry debut.

Thus, we are facing two hours of a journey through some of the darkest sides that a female athlete must face (focus on that factor) in today’s society. It is in these circumstances that Berry’s performance is satisfactory, managing to shock us by seeing her bleed from her fists, but also moving us when she decides to ignore that her manager is waiting for her in the gym to spend a few hours laughing with her son while watching a 3D movie.

Halle Berry como Jackie Justice en "Wound". (Foto: Netflix)
Halle Berry as Jackie Justice in “Wound.” (Photo: Netflix)


Synopsis: Years after a humiliating defeat, an MMA fighter clings to her last chance at redemption when the son she couldn’t care for returns to her life.

Platform: Netflix

Duration: 2 hours and 12 minutes

Classification: +16.

Rating: ★★★


Trailer for "Sweet Girl". (Source: Netflix)
Trailer of the movie “Sweet Girl”. (Source: Netflix)


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“Wound”: is the film with Halle Berry a great female tribute to “Rocky”? | REVIEW