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After two DCEU movies that divided audiences and critics in 2016, Wonder Woman – 92% It came like a glimmer of hope in 2017, not just for the Warner Bros. franchise, but for the superhero subgenre in film. More than three years later, fans eagerly awaited the arrival of its sequel, but it was a very big disappointment.

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Wonder Woman 1984 – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos76% divided critics and fans for many reasons, but they weren’t the only ones disappointed, the director, Patty JenkinsShe was not happy with the reception of the film, and although there are many reasons we can give to explain it, she believes that it was due to the simultaneous theatrical release and HBO Max.

Since it was announced last year as a strategy for all Warner Bros. films, several directors have raised their voices against the company for making that decision. This year the success of Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% seemed to show that the strategy was not so bad, but the proceeds from Wonder Woman and The suicide squad – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos91% they show that it was a mistake. Patty Jenkins was at CinemaCon 2021, and when asked about the simultaneous release of her film, this is what she answered (via Deadline):

It was the best option among a lot of bad options at the time. [y una] heartbreaking experience. It was detrimental to the movie, I knew it could have happened. I don’t think it’s experienced in the same way in streaming, ever. I’m not a fan of the simultaneous release and hope to avoid it forever. I make movies for the big screen experience.

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Asked if he would make a movie for Netflix, he said no, although he did not refuse to do television work, but with simultaneous theatrical release. As to Wonder Woman 1984, its final gross at the box office was US $ 166.5 million, much less than the US $ 822.8 million it made Wonder Woman in 2017.

Despite disappointing numbers at the box office, having 2.2 million viewers during the first days of release on HBO Max was enough for a third installment to be announced with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot back. For now there are no details about the sequel.

As many fans noted, after the failure of League of Justice – 41%, Warner Bros. gave the DCEU directors a lot of freedom to the point that it hardly seems like a connected universe anymore, the most recent example is Suicide squad, but before we had already seen it in Aquaman – 73% and Shazam! – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos88%.

This is because, after poor reception of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, and after the departure of Zack Snyder of the franchise, Warner Bros. put aside the director’s plans for a unified superhero universe. This was more than proven with the launch of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos82% in March of this year, a film that promised epic sequels and great confrontations between superheroes and DC villains.

Next year perhaps the film exhibition industry will have recovered and without simultaneous releases of HBO Max and theaters, DCEU films will be able to triumph at the box office. In 2022 we will have Black Adam, The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as well as The Batman , a project separate from the DCEU, but which has raised high expectations for being a reboot in the hands of a very capable director like Matt Reeves, and with a young actor, Robert pattinson.

On the other hand fans of Zack Snyder continue to ask from time to time on social networks for approval of the aftermath of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but so far there is no reason to think that will happen.

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