With an enviable figure, this Cuban actress was the first rumbera of the Cine de Oro and paved the way for “Tongolele”

The golden cinema in Mexico as one of the most important in the world and within the seventh art, this because it addressed various social problems and also managed to entertain people.

However, new trends also began as the years went by, as happened with the rumbera cinema, where they managed to highlight figures within the artistic guild such as María Antonieta Pons did.

Maria Antoinette Pons y Morales was born in Havana on June 11, 1922; She was a Cuban-Mexican film actress, dancer and rumbera who made most of her career in Mexico during the golden age.

rumba cinema

According to experts and film critics, cited by Mexican cinema, only five of them managed to go down in history as the true initiators of the genre, who participated in various productions; one of them was Pons, along with colleagues such as meche Barba, Ninón Sevilla, Amalia Aguilar and Rosa Carmina.

This group of women is known as “The Queens of the Tropics”, this after statements by the journalist Fernando Muñoz Castillo in 1993.

María Antonieta Pons is considered the first rumbera of Mexican cinema, who was also nicknamed Maritoña; the famous woman arrived in Mexico in 1938 at the hands of her husband, the Spanish filmmaker Juan Orol.

Marie Antoinette Pons

Among the titles where he stood out the most were Siboney (1938), Konga Roja (1943), Antillean Embrujo (1945), The Queen of the Tropics (1945), The Well-Paid (1948), The Daughter of the Prison (1949), The Woman of the port (1949), The Caribbean cyclone (1950), The queen of the mambo (1950) and María Cristina (1951).

However, after the decline of this genre, María Antonieta sought the opportunity to participate in others such as comedy and ranchero dramas; her last appearance in the world of cinema was in 1965, and after this, she decided to remain completely isolated from public life until the day of her death.

María Antonieta Pons, famous actress of the golden cinema. PHOTO: Wikipedia


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With an enviable figure, this Cuban actress was the first rumbera of the Cine de Oro and paved the way for “Tongolele”