June 18, 2021

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William Friedkin, Director of The Exorcist, Praises A Quiet Place Part II, Calling It “A Horror Classic” | Tomatazos

William Friedkin Director of The Exorcist Praises A Quiet Place

More than a year after the premiere of A Quiet Place Part II – 85%, which took place in March 2020, the film of John krasinski finally reached the cinemas from this May 28 to the joy of the audience who expected to see what happens with the Abbott family and, of course, also for the cinema chains that are having a little more activity than it was imposed as the new normal by the pandemic. Paramount’s film is one of the most sought-after titles on the billboard this weekend and there are plenty of reasons for this to be the case.

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On A Place in Silence – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos98%, the world was ravaged by monsters that hunt guided by sound devastate the world in a surprisingly fast timeline. The first film in the series establishes that the Abbott family is living a year in the horrible phenomenon. The family has lasted a bit longer than other people thanks to the fact that they already know sign language from their deaf daughter Regan and can live in relative peace during the first year of the invasion.

However, the first film tells of a day when the Abbott’s luck runs out and Lee sacrifices himself so Regan and Marcus can escape alive. The film ends with Evelyn, the character played by Emily blunt, and his sons slaying a group of monsters after they finally found their weakness. Now, with the arrival of its long-awaited sequel, we cannot help wondering if it will be one more of the bunch or if in this case we are facing a movie that could even surpass its predecessor.

The accolades have not been long in coming for this second part that could be a resounding success in the pandemic. According to the opinion of the director William Friedkin, a name movie fans are going to quickly associate with The Exorcist – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos87%, the movie A Quiet Place Part II – 85% is an instant horror classic and at the same time celebrated that cinemas are returning to normal (via Indiewire).

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A SILENT PLACE II is a classic horror film. The cinema is back.

A Quiet Place Part II – 85% tells how surviving members of the Abbott family manage to stay alive now that they know what monsters’ weaknesses are. Regan (Millicent simmonds) takes more of the limelight because he can use his cochlear implant to make creatures vulnerable. But the film also introduces new characters and although it reveals more about the occasion when these monsters invaded, it takes time to explore the emotions and stories of the people seen on screen.

The first film was an unexpected success at the box office as it had little promotion and the second is not that it has been promoted more, but having spread the word it could have a similar success despite the restrictions due to the pandemic. The good news for the studio seems to have only just begun when it was confirmed that a total of US $ 4.8 million was raised in the United States from the preview functions. This figure sounds small compared to a summer blockbuster, but it is an impressive figure, very similar to that of A place in silence, with the difference that this time it reached half the number of movie theaters than in 2018. A Quiet Place Part II – 85% has in its favor having chosen this weekend to premiere, not only because more people are returning to the movies, but because in the North American country, Monday will be a holiday.

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