Will this Marvel Studios character replace Iron Man as leader of the Avengers?

On November 5, the Marvel Studios movie, The Eternals, is released, introducing a good number of new superheroes to the MCU, but will one of them be the one who leads the Avengers?

Ikaris will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but could this powerful new character lead the Avengers? Richard Madden actor who brings him to life in the MCU has now shared his thoughts about the possibility that his hero can replace Iron Man as a result of his phrase in the first trailer he presented of The Eternals.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of The Eternals on November 5 of this year, and not just because we’re about to meet powerful new superheroes. This film will open the door to countless new storytelling possibilities, including the possible appearance of mutants and perhaps even Galactus.

But with these powerful characters forced in the movie to reveal themselves to the world it seems like they’re destined to sometime rejoin The Avengers now that they seem to be playing an active role in human affairs.

Could Ikaris be the new leader of the team?

Ikaris seems like one of the ideal candidates to lead The Avengers now that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are no longer with us, and actor Richard Madden in a recent interview with Total Film seems to defend his candidacy when asked in this regard. “I do not know. I know he is a good leader and a good soldier. If those are two traits you need to lead the Avengers, then he has them. But I couldn’t predict that. “

In the same interview, Madden talked about what he was most excited about about Ikaris. “I don’t see him as a superhero that I’ve seen before. I see him first as a man, and as a rather complicated character, rather than as a superhero “ the actor joked. “You know, superheroes have laser eyes. Superheroes can fly. So there are many parallels. But as a character, I have not seen anyone like him before “.

“The concept of these characters and how deep Chloé wanted to go with these people who have been alive for so long and have experienced so many different thingsMadden continued. “So that’s what really intrigued me: how these people interact with each other and also with the rest of the world when they have seen and done everything. That was something fascinating. “

Something tells us there could be big plans for Ikaris to move forward, but whether they involve The Avengers remains to be seen. We will almost certainly see Sersi and Black Knight join the mightiest heroes on Earth if Marvel Studios follows the path outlined earlier in the comics, but Ikaris has always had a rocky relationship with the super team made up of the mightiest heroes on earth. the earth.

Here’s the sneak peek joking about Ikaris being able to lead the Avengers

Do you think Ikaris should lead The Avengers in the place of Iron Man?

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