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Sony wants to expand the most popular PlayStation franchises beyond video games. For this reason, he is already working on various adaptations of sagas to the big screen or television series.

As an example we have the movies of Uncharted Y Ghost of tsushima. In addition, they are also planned Series of The last of us Y Twisted metal. For years there has been talk of a possible adaptation of God of war, another of PlayStation’s flagship series.

We have had rumors about a possible movie of Kratos and company, but nothing has materialized despite the fact that there are reports on possible actors of the production. To top it off, Cory Barlog has talked about a hypothetical series of the franchise run by Netflix.

Despite all these clues and reports, neither Sony nor PlayStation Productions have confirmed a movie or series of God of war. The company spoke on the subject recently and it seems that fans will have to wait to see Kratos on the big screen or on television.

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God of war it would take time to get to the movies or television

The New York Times this morning published an article on video game adaptations to movies or series. Of course, there is talk of the various PlayStation projects that we already mentioned above.

Brooks Barnes, author of the report, says he spoke with a Sony spokesperson about his projects that will take the biggest PlayStation franchises beyond video games. Unfortunately for fans of God of war not very good news.

The company spokesman said that the popular SIE Santa Monica Studio saga will not have a film or television adaptation for now. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will never happen, but Sony’s rep hinted that it won’t be in the short term.

It is worth remembering that there has been talk of a movie of God of war since 2012. Likewise, it has been said that Universal wants to make 3 films based on the saga and possibly Dave Bautista is in the cast.

To the disappointment of fans, long ago the production of a series of God of war in charge of Netflix. Despite this, Barlog was excited about the possibility of doing a similar project for fans.

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Having said all the above, the best thing will not be to wait for a series or film of the adventures of Kratos soon. Look in this link all news related to God of war.