Will Spider-Man win an Oscar? Kevin Feige spoke again about the exclusion of Marvel in the awards season

Since Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters around the world, made something very clear: this it’s the movie of the year. Not only its viewers say it, but also the figures that demonstrate an absolute performance of the film. But this… Should it be contemplated in the next awards season? Is it a good movie or a popular proposition? That doubt remains for many of the users who debate on the Internet whether or not it deserves the Oscar award.

The latest addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe It demonstrated a very positive impact at the box office just as its predecessors did. But history could repeat itself and, despite being an absolute success, it may not be the most beloved when it comes to nominations and statuettes. The third Spider-Man movie featuring Tom Holland as the main character, she wants to break that prejudice and be considered one of the most prestigious films.

The only one who knew how to do it was Black Panther, which in the year of its premiere was nominated as Best Film at the Oscars, being the first superhero to achieve it. He said Kevin Feige –Marvel Studios creative head- to The Hollywood Reporter, both Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings What Spider-Man: No Way HomeThey also deserve that award.

He previously stated: “I think we’re always at a deficit because of the Marvel logo and because of a gender bias that certainly exists. There are many comic book fans who didn’t know who Shang-Chi was. However, the team created something new that connected with the public. I would love for the hard work of all these people who are telling their story to be recognized.”.

Sony Pictures started his campaign with the director, Amy Pascal, referring to this: “Just because they are in a particular genre does not mean they are not quality movies. We are in this business to make films that people want to see and that make them feel something and this film achieves all of that.”. But Kevin Feige was not far behind and took his colleague’s comments to make his opinion clear again.

On the comparison with feature films by Ridley Scott, he remarked: “I think both types of movies deserve recognition. I hope the Academy thinks about the artistic skill that narrative implies that connects with all kinds of people on a very emotional level. It’s a very good thing when people in a room stand up and clap. It’s good when people wipe their tears because they’re thinking about the last 20 years they’ve been to the movies and what it means to them. That, to me, is very good, the kind of things that the Academy, at the time, was founded to recognize”.

He also put in the balance what happened with the trilogy of The Lord of the rings, directed by Peter Jackson: “In the same way that The Return of the King fIt was kind of a celebration and the culmination of all that incredible work that went into the trilogy. This is a celebration of both the Homecoming trilogy and the five other incarnations of Spider-Man that have been made before.”.

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Will Spider-Man win an Oscar? Kevin Feige spoke again about the exclusion of Marvel in the awards season