Will be? Elijah Wood explains why ‘The Lord of the Rings’ would not have triumphed in 2021

Undoubtedly, The Lord of the rings is one of the most important and spectacular trilogies ever made in the history of the film industry. After a lot of plans and failed attempts, in 2001, Peter Jackson released The Fellowship of the Ring and from that moment it became a hit at the global box office. From there they came The two Towers Y The return of the King, which closed this enormous adventure.

Of course, the universe created by JRR Tolkien is extremely huge and diverse. That is why, once again by the hand of Jackson, New Line Cinema ventured to put together another trilogy based on the book of The Hobbit that although it did not have the reception of the previous tapes but that it showed us that there were still many points to explore within these stories. Although yes, It is probably not possible to do something of this magnitude in these times.

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Elijah Wood reflected on ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’

It turns out that in a recent interview with The New York Times and taking advantage of the 20th anniversary of the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the very Elijah Wood reflected on this movie. To begin with, the actor who gave life to the beloved Frodo Baggins in the trilogy mentioned that at that time there was not much supervision or care on the part of the production companies, which gave Peter Jackson some creative freedom.

“There was a great sense of lack of supervision. Peter and the rest of the team could make the movies the way they wanted without much outside perspective. “Wood stated. Here it is important to mention that ehe New Zealand filmmaker proposed this project to Miramax in 1995 But, because Harvey Weinstein and company put a lot of obstacles on him, he finally His ideas were developed with New Line Cinema, who gave him creative freedom.

The new series of 'The Lord of the Rings' already has a release date!

‘The Lord of the rings’. Photo: Warner / New Line

Wouldn’t the trilogy have succeeded in 2021?

Later, Elijah Wood said that probably, a trilogy as big as The Lord of the rings could succeed in these times for different reasonsOne of them is that many companies within the cinema no longer bet on “fresh” projects: “That does not mean that the study was not afraid or did not invest. They knew the risk of making these movies one after the other. I don’t know if now they would be able to do them in the same way ”.

After that, Elijah added that the leaks that appear on the internet today and the rumors of the fans, they probably would have ruined the surprises we saw in both the first installment and the entire trilogy. And despite the fact that he considers that at that time they were facing paparazzi who were looking to photograph the production, it is nothing compared to the information they can obtain in these times.

The Lord of the rings

Photo: New Line Cinema

Look, the Internet is different too. There was less scrutiny on the movies. Less was known about them. We could make the movies in a bubble. We had picturesque problems, like there were some photographers on a mountain, but it was something quite minor. I don’t know if that would be possible now. Now the world is online and there is great access to almost everyone about anything ”.

Either way, The Lord of the rings It is one of the most spectacular sagas that we have seen on the big screen and that surely (with everything and the problems that cinema faces today), would have been a box office success in 2021. Out there is a series based on this story for Amazon Prime Video (HERE we leave you the first images) that will surely break it because the world loves the stories of JRR Tolkien.

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Will be? Elijah Wood explains why ‘The Lord of the Rings’ would not have triumphed in 2021