Why was the “Superman” tape with Nicolas Cage not made?

There is little left for it to be released “The Flash” and Andy Muschietti, director of the film confirmed in an interview with that Nicolas Cage will participate in the tape, the news surprised the fans of DC Comics and it has also made many remember the feature film where the actor was going to play Superman.

The film would bear the name of “Superman Lives” and it was going to be directed by TIm Burton (director of Batman and Batman Returns). Unfortunately, the feature film was not released; However, today thanks to the internet you can see clips of wardrobe fittings and more.

For this reason, during the interviews for the recognition that Nicolas Cage received at the Miami Film Festivalthe actor was consulted by the tape for . Below is the answer.

Why was the Superman movie with Nicolás Cage not made?

“Warner Bros. wanted Renny Harlin to do the movie. I met with him. I was doing another movie, so he went to my dressing room and we talked. I like Renny… but I thought if I was going to do this I had to choose well. So, I thought it has to be Tim Burton. I called him and asked him: would you do this? Tim didn’t choose me, I chose Tim. I loved what he did with Michael and Batman and I was a huge fan.” indicated in statements with the media.

“I liked ‘Martians Attack!’ I thought that movie was just fantastic and innovative, but the studio was afraid of that movie. Warner Brothers lost a lot of money on the film, as they had to invest to build the buildings on the set and the costumes. These movies that are really weird, that challenge and lead the way, bother a lot of people. But you never know”Cage added.

To finish on the subject during the interview, the actor commented that he really liked the character they were creating. “He was more of a 1980s Superman with long black Samurai hair. I thought he was going to be a very different Superman, sort of emo; however, we never got it.”

Nicolas Cage almost played Superman, but the movie was cancelled. (Photo: Capture/YouTube)

What was “Superman lives” going to be about?

The tape had as its plot a story where the monstrous Doomsday was sent to assassinate Superman after Brainiac blocked the sun. Later, when the Man of Steel was in danger he was to be rescued by the Eradicator, who would give him armor so that he could protect himself while he regained his powers. Finally, Superman had to face Brainiac and Lex Luthor.

Technical sheet of “Superman lives”

Director: Tim Burton

Production: Warner Bros., Jon Peters


  • Nicholas Cage (Superman)
  • Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor)

It should be noted that to learn more about the subject, Jon Schnepp directed and wrote a documentary (The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?) which has costume tests and other moments that were made for “Superman lives”.

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Why was the “Superman” tape with Nicolas Cage not made?