Why the Batgirl movie costume is “sexist and discriminatory”, according to some fans

Barbara Gordon’s outfit as Batgirl from New 52 leads some fans of the DC character down the street of bitterness.

In the Internet age, anything that hits the market and gets a positive reaction, or a negative reaction, will, sooner or later, receive a complete opposite wave. Sometimes rightly so, sometimes wrongly. It is in our nature to criticize everything, especially if others like it.

Let this brief introduction serve as a premise for the debate that has arisen on Twitter about the attire of batgirl what Leslie Grace will appear in the film of the same name that will soon come to hbo max.

The directors of Bad Boys for Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallahchose to give Barbara Gordon the outfit that the character wears from Batgirl of Burnside in the comics.

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Barbara Gordon has undergone many changes throughout her history. When the joker shot him, he suffered a spinal injury. This caused her to leave the Batgirl mantle behind and become Oraclea valuable asset to the Bat-family thanks to his access to information and his hacking skills.

everything changed with New 52, when the character underwent a reworking and resumed the ways of Batgirl. Since then, she wears her purple suit, the same one that Leslie Grace will wear in the film.

It is precisely this outfit that has fans like @wordsandsense twitching, who has branded Batgirl’s current outfit as “a 10 year throwback in superheroine costumes“.

In the thread, this fan lays out her motives, highlighting the fact that the outfit looks like a casual cosplay compared to the male counterparts accompanying Batgirl. The way in which, apparently, it is about ignoring the evolution of her character after the injury that left her in a wheelchair has also been highlighted.

In its final conclusions, @wordsandsense points out that the decision for Barbara Gordon to return to being Batgirl was a regression of the character, discriminating against the fact that she was a victim of a gunshot and ignoring the fact that she is an adult woman.

The debate, however, has been circulating for some time. Obviously, the trailers for the Batgirl movie make these kinds of discussions among fans more frequent.

What do you think? Was it a mistake to turn Barbara Gordon back into Batgirl? Do you consider her costume to be sexist compared to her male counterparts in the comics?

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Why the Batgirl movie costume is “sexist and discriminatory”, according to some fans