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In the past week, Toei Animation revealed that we will have another movie of Dragon ball super in 2022. In addition to confirming that Akira Toriyama will be involved in the project, the truth is that almost not many details were given about it. One of the things that its producers anticipated was the arrival of an “unexpected individual”, who will probably be the villain. But who exactly are we talking about?

First of all, it is important to note that the story of this new feature film will be totally original, that is, it will not adapt any arc from the manga. As such, the chances for a completely new villain are very high, but there is also the possibility of some classic antagonist.

In case the movie takes place right after DBS: Broly, so he Legendary Saiyan would be immediately ruled out since it no longer poses a threat or to Goku not even for Vegeta. But assuming it runs parallel to the events of the manga, then this antagonist should be as strong as a God to keep up with the heroes and their new abilities.

With DBS: Broly, Gogeta became part of the official canon of the franchise and this new film will possibly seek to introduce a new transformation or level of power for the Saiyan. One of the recurring themes in Dragon Ball it’s all about evolution and going beyond the limits, so the villain of the new film should do just that. Of course, fans do not rule out the possibility of seeing Cell or boo Evil back, but that sounds like something a little less likely.


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Who will be the villain in the new Dragon Ball

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