Who was Esther Fernández, the beautiful actress from the Golden Cinema who was going to MARRY Pedro Armendáriz

During the last weeks, users on social networks have been more aware and interested in the lives of various actors and actresses who participated during the so-called era of the Mexican gold cinema.

In this sense, it is important to point out that not only María Félix, Pedro Infante, Javier Solís or Jorge Negrete stood out within this wave of Mexican cinema that to date I have remembered for the people who follow this era of the Golden Cinema in Mexico.

But there were various figures that although they are not as remembered as the aforementioned, if they managed to stand out at that time for their performances within the who.

Golden Film Actress

As it happened with Maria Esther Fernandez Gonzalez, better known as Fernández is within the artistic and cinematographic guild of that time.

Esther Fernandez He was born in Mascota, Jalisco on August 23, 1915, and died in Mexico City on October 21, 1999; She was a prominent Mexican actress and painter of the golden film era.

Added outstanding participation was in the appointment “There on the big ranch” in 1936, which if a romantic drama directed by Fernando de Fuentes and starring Tito Guízar and Esther Fernández, considering it as the Mexican film that began the Mexican industrial cinema and as the film that began the so-called comedy ranchera.

About Esther Fernández’s career

It should be noted that said film production was crucial for our country, since it was recognized internationally; was made under the production of Alfonso Rivas Bustamante and Fernando Fuentes.

The famous began her career in the cinema as an extra in the production “Profanation”, which was released in 1933; He also participated in prominent films such as “Defeat Hearts”, “Beyond Death” and “The woman of the port”, Which starred Andrea Palma.

This is how the famous woman managed to have her first star thanks to Miguel Zacarias, in the horror film “El baúl macabro”, which had its premiere in 1936, however, its first major starring was “Alla en el rancho grande”, a classic of ranch food.

He stood out for the tape “There on the big ranch”

On the other hand, the famous woman who stood out for her expressive and youthful face, in addition to her tall figure, remained in the memory of thousands of viewers, thus having the opportunity to be hired by the production company Paramount Pictures, who also hired Tito perhaps after his outstanding participation in find the big ranch.

Although Paramount will implement English classes for her drama, song and dance, never launched her as a star, so Esther Fernández decided to return to Mexico to star in “Santa”, a story that had already been signed twice during the time of the who mute.

Under this panorama, people also wonder about the life private of the famous actress, since not much was known about it.

She was going to marry Pedro Armendariz

One of the most prominent rumors is about what Pedro Armendariz He proposed to her, but it was really just a joke.

It was when Pedro Armendáriz and Ester Fernández were Durán in the filming of “I apply”, a film that had a premiere in 1937, that the famous one asked Fernández to marry, for which she jokingly answered yes.

Next, the famous Mexican actor who stood out in various Mexican productions such as americans and even in Europe, he sent for a judge immediately, as well as some friends to act as witnesses.

However, the famous actress thought it was actually a joke, but the moment she realized it was serious, she ran off, saying that it had all been a joke.

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