Who is the biggest movie killer? The most terrifying villains ordered from least to most victims

There are many evil and charismatic villains who spread terror throughout one or more films (something that is guaranteed fun for us, the viewers). Within all these iconic figures, Who really has the greatest number of victims? Bets are allowed.

Shark (Saga ‘Jaws’: 1975-1987)

Although for many there is only one film, with which Spielberg revolutionized terror, the truth is that they were made up to three sequels under the same title. If we count all the people who have lost their lives in the jaws of this sea creature, we would end up at the lowest number on the list, with 22 victims.

The Creeper (Saga ‘Jeepers Creepers’: 2001-2017)

Killer Creeper

The Victor Salva trilogy (with a fourth installment planned for this year) brought us another rather prolific assassin. A bloodthirsty monster whose hobby was exterminating teenagers and who has a history of 27 murders till the date.

Candyman (Saga ‘Candyman’: 1991-2021)

Killer Candyman

Once upon a time there was a hook attached to a man (and no, we’re not talking about ‘I know what you did last summer’). To the character based on the story of clive barkeralways accompanied by his coat and his bees, have been enough for him four movies to terrify and kill 35 humans.

Leatherface (Saga ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: 1974-2022)


If any film represents the “fear of the rural” well, that is ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Leatherface, the quintessential villain of the saga (with apologies to his “nice family”), has massacred a total of 39 people throughout their 10 movies.

Ghostface (‘Scream’ Saga: 1996-2022)

Killer Ghostface

Although technically Ghostface is a lot of people, because his identity changes throughout the five Ghostface movies. ‘Scream’we accept octopus and count all the murders committed under his mask (sticking to his five film deliveriesleaving out the series and those of his alter ego in ‘Puñalada’), which amount to a total of 40.

Freddy Krueger (‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Saga 1984-2010)

Killer Freddy Krueger

Following in the footsteps of the masked killer, we have his “brother” (since they share the same creator: Wes Craven), the psychokiller funniest on the list. Including the 7 movies of the saga, the crossover ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ and the remakeare 42 total deaths attributed to the “dream” villain.

Death (Saga ‘Final Destination’: 2000-2011)

Killer Death

If the concept of Ghostface could seem ambiguous, this “entity” beats it: in the five movies of this saga, what kills the victims is death itself, which is dedicated to reaping lives in the most creative ways possible (we will never see a UVA cabin in the same way again), with a total of 45 to his credit.

Pinhead (‘Hellraiser’ Saga: 1987-2018)

Killer Pinhead

Sadomasochism was made fashionable by the cenobites and there is no more to talk about. The franchise consisting of 10 deliveries (plus the new one that David Bruckner and David S. Goyer are preparing for this year) has Pinhead as its main character, an expert in physical and mental torture who has dragged to hell about 50 poor bastards.

Chucky (‘Devilish Doll’ Saga: 1988-2019)

killer chucky

Perhaps the only one who could dispute the title of “horny killer” to Freddy would be Charles Lee Ray (Chucky for friends). Despite his short stature, the evil of the serial killer spirit that inhabits him knows no bounds. Leaving aside the fantastic sequel in the form of Serieand limiting ourselves to seven films and the remake that make up his story, the diabolical doll has left behind a pile of 52 corpses.

Leprechaun (Saga ‘Leprechaun’: 1993-2018)

killer leprechaun

He may not be the best-known character on the list, and to tell you the truth, his films have stood the test of time worse than other franchises, but it is undeniable that this Irish creature is very good at what he does, winning the bronze medal in the “assassinometer “: 58 victims in 8 films.

Michael Myers (‘Halloween’ Saga: 1978-2021)

KillerMichael Myers

All of the above pale when we get closer to the two heavyweights on the villain list. Expectant of what David Gordon Green has in store for us in the outcome of the new trilogy, the undaunted murderer kills them silently: in 12 moviesMichael Myers has reached a whopping 155 deaths caused by his hand. Almost nothing.

Jason (Saga ‘Friday the 13th’: 1981-2009)

killer jason

The gold medal goes to “the guy in the hockey mask.” counting 9 of the 10 movies of the saga (because you already know that the murderer of the first one is another member of the Voorhees family) more the crossover and the remakeJason and his machete are responsible for 158 homicides. Undisputed winner.

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Who is the biggest movie killer? The most terrifying villains ordered from least to most victims