Who is older between Amparo Grisales and María Cecilia Botero: the difference is one year

The age of Amparo Grisales It has been confirmed on several occasions and once they even published their ID to reveal the truth. She, with so many jokes that they make about it, He has even started making jokes about it.

María Cecilia Botero obtained the great recognition her career deserves by participating in ‘Enchantment’, the Disney movie which was a tribute to Colombia.

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Both have a trajectory of more than 40 years on Colombian television and in an interview with ‘Juanpis’, María C. revealed that she is one year older than her colleague and friend.

They worked together on the novel ‘Dos mujeres’, which was recorded in 1997, where both had a leading role. In that production Amparo Grisales played the villain and it was Botero’s return to Colombian television.

More than 20 years have passed since Colombians saw that soap opera and they currently maintain a friendship that has grown little by little.

She is a really good friend. People talk things, but she is a very cool old woman. A person who is a good daughter, a good sister and a good friend is a good person. Amparo is like that, ”she said like that.

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The jury of ‘My name is also’ has received jokes about her age and They have even given her money so that she can support animal foundations.one of the good works that she leads.

Amparo Grisales is 66 years old, but since a long time has had a diet and exercise that helps you stay in very good health.

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Maria Cecilia Botero he is one year older. with 67 yearsthe actress is slightly better than her colleague, and she does not hide her age at all, because she is proud of everything she has experienced.

Both are current on Colombian television and choose the good productions in which they currently appear.

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Who is older between Amparo Grisales and María Cecilia Botero: the difference is one year