Who is Allan, the only male character in the movie “Barbie” who is not a Ken

After an intense marketing campaign, the film Barbie by Greta Gerwing hit theaters and made history by becoming the top US box office release of 2023, as well as bringing back one of the discontinued Mattel characters: Allan Sherwood.

On the weekend of July 22 and 23, thousands of people gathered in the cinemas eager to immerse themselves in the world of “Barbies” and “Kens”, as it was interpreted with theaters full of people dressed in some pink garment or with outfits similar to those of the Mattel doll.

For the attendees, the appearance of a character in this film did not go unnoticed: that of Allan Sherwood, who in the production of Greta Gerwing is characterized by being confused by not understanding why is he the only Allan among so many Barbies and Kens.

His personality, charisma and conviction have made him become one of the characters that has liked the most and caught the attention of viewers. Michael Cera, who plays Allan, has described his character as “something of an outcast figure.”

Why is there only one Allan in the movie “Barbie”

To understand why Allan is the only one among the Barbie world, you have to know the history of his character. In the 1960s, the Midge doll was released as Barbie’s best friend. Then in 1964, Mattel cast Allan Sherwood as Ken’s best friend.

However, the character did not have the success that was expected and it was discontinued from the market in 1966. While it was up for sale, various theories arose about its existence. One of them is that he could be a sentimental partner of Ken, since the legend on Allan Sherwood’s box said “all of Ken’s clothes fit”.

Then, in 1991 Mattel reintroduced Sherwood but now as “Alan”, without an L, and as Midge’s husband.

In 2002, Midge returned pregnant and one of the theories that was launched was that this idea was to put an end to the rumors about Allan and his alleged relationship with Ken, since the baby would be from Sherwood.

But the idea did not quite work and Allan did not appear on the market again. Even, when the animated show was released Barbie: life in the dreamhouse In 2010 Midge was introduced as a single mother.

Now, in the Greta Gerwing production, actor Michael Cera plays Sherwood, who stands out from the Kens, not only because of his character and personality, but because he is one of the few who does not want to be like the others and feels comfortable being who he is.

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Who is Allan, the only male character in the movie “Barbie” who is not a Ken