Who are the real partners of the actors of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Among the list of the best releases of the year, the most anticipated cannot escape: Spider-Man: No Way Home. The latest addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe became a blockbuster just three days after its official launch, thus positioning itself in the trends. And among the data that generate the most curiosity, fans of the superhero franchise wanted to know if there is real couples on set just as they were Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, Y Andrew Garfield y Emma Stone at the time. Here we have the answer!

+ The real couples of the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home

+ Tom Holland y Zendaya

It is known that the leading couple also met love in real life. Tom Holland (Peter Parker) and MJ (Zendaya) they started being friends with the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming, released in 2017, and this year – after the paparazzi caught them kissing in a car – they decided to make their relationship official. During the promotional interviews for the film and the avant premiere, they made no secret of their romance and proved to be an established couple.

+ Benedict Cumberbatch

Among the protagonists of Spider-Man: No Way Home, also stands out Benedict Cumberbatch, who once again returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to portray Doctor Strange. In real life, the British actor has been married since 2015 to Sophie Hunter, a theater and opera director. Since then they had their children Christopher Carlton, Hal Auden y Finn Cumberbatch.

+ Jacob Batalon

Little is known about the private life of Jacob Batalon, actor who plays Ned Leeds –Best friend of Peter Parker- in the Spider-Man trilogy. Apparently he is in a relationship with Brooke Reyna, a young woman with whom he began to share selfies on social networks since the beginning of this year. Practically the story of this romance is unknown and they are more than reserved beyond what is seen on Instagram.

+ Marisa Tomei

The actress who embodies the Aunt May, Marisa Tomei, was the protagonist of some somewhat media relations. Perhaps the one that attracted the most attention was the one he kept with Robert Downey Jr., iconic performer of Iron Man with whom he met again in the MCU. Years ago he assured Manhattan Magazine: “I’m not a fan of marriage as an institution and I don’t understand why women should have children to be seen as complete human beings”.

+ Willem Dafoe

In 2002, he came to Tobey Maguire movies to bring the Green Goblin, or rather, to Norman Osborn. Is about Willem Dafoe, an actor who knew how to mark a before and after when it comes to villains. After maintaining an extensive relationship with Elizabeth The Account, in 2004 he met the Italian director and actress Giada Colagrande and in March 2005 they sealed their love with an unforgettable wedding.

+ Alfred Molina

His appearance in the trailer thrilled fans of Spider-Man: Alfred Molina came back like him Doctor Octopus, this time, with the version of Peter Parker in the hands of Tom Holland. In real life, he married Jennifer Lee. Does his name sound familiar to you? She is the director of Frozen 2! After keeping their story that began in 2018 a secret, it was in August of this year when they decided to make their relationship official.

+ Jamie Foxx

Electro He returned and with him the participation of Jamie Foxx in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last couple that caught the actor’s attention was Katie Holmes, with whom he began dating in 2013 and had a secret relationship for six years. Although in 2019 the portals announced their breakup, they have been seen together repeatedly since then.

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Who are the real partners of the actors of Spider-Man: No Way Home