Where is Hawkeye, the new Disney + series temporarily located?

Disney+ will premiere this Wednesday the first season of the series Hawkeye and it will do so by presenting the first two episodes of the long-awaited show from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The program consists of 6 installments in which Clint Barton will try to get to the parties with his family. The premise is simple, but the hero’s past will catch up with him and complicate everything.

Where are the events of Hawkeye in the MCU timeline? If we analyze the trailer for the show, we know that Clint Barton’s family came back to life after Thanos’ snap wiped them out. So, we can locate the program after what is known as the Blip. This is when the Hulk revived half the Universe with the Infinity Stones on Avengers: Endgame.

Where is the Hawkeye series located within the MCU?

However, there is also speculation about the chance that the show shows a bit of the different adventures that Clint Barton went through in the time after Avengers: Infinity War, when Thanos erased half of the known life. In that period, the most accurate archer in Marvel he took on Ronin’s alter ego and became a cruel and ruthless vigilante.

To be exact: WandaVision took place between three and four weeks after the Blip, while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier occurred six months after that important event within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director of Hawkeye confirmed that his series is set on Christmas two years after the events of Endgame. Then, Clint Barton will try to live the holidays with his family after they are revived thanks to the Avengers.

Hawkeye will have help: Kate Bishop, an archer as precise as he, will be his companion in this end of the year so moved for the hero. Characters like Yelena Belova, The Clown and Echo will be behind him. His past as Ronin left open wounds and there are many who seek revenge on the Avenger. Christmas will be a difficult time for Clint Barton and getting to celebrate it with his family may be impossible.

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Where is Hawkeye, the new Disney + series temporarily located?