When is Game of Twins 2 released: Is the sequel real?


A sequel to The Twins Game got fans excited recently and here we will clear all doubts about an upcoming movie.

© DisneyWhat is known about the sequel to Game of Twins?

If we talk about children’s classics that marked a generation, one of the first options to be named is Twins game. This is the iconic 1998 film directed by Nancy Meyers, which in turn is a remake of the 1961 film that was an adaptation of the novel of the same name. “Das doppelte Lottchen”. Years go by and fans wonder: Is there a sequel?

This story follows Annie and Hallie, two girls who are identical twins and accidentally happen to be at the same summer camp, where they meet. There, both have the plan to reunite their parents, without knowing that one of the two is already on the way to the altar for the second time, and they must do everything possible to avoid it.

+ What is known about the sequel to Game of Twins 2

In the last hours, an edited poster revived the euphoria of the fans of Twins game for a sequel, something that so far has not been formally announced by Disney. However, a part of its main cast spoke of the possibility and left a good feelingwaiting for a confirmation that may be closer.

In March of this year, the actress Lisa Ann Walkerwho played Chessy in the film, mentioned that she is “100% willing to star in a sequel”except for one condition: Nancy Meyers must return as director and screenwriter. Besides, Elaine Hendrixthe evil Meredith Blake, also said that would love to come back for a second movie.

Last year, the rumors increased when Lindsay Lohan posted a TikTok recreating a scene from Twins game, although so far there has been no reference to a sequel. In case of returning with another film, we must remember that Natasha Richardsonwho was Elizabeth James, the mother of Annie and Hallie, died in 2009.

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When is Game of Twins 2 released: Is the sequel real?