‘What’s up?’: This is what the protagonists of Scary Movie look like after 21 years

‘Scary Movie’, one of the most iconic parody film series in the world, has been making fun of different film scenes of the horror genre for just over two decades and drawing laughter everywhere.

Its success, indisputable due to the number of times its editions are repeated on open television channels, has captured several generations of Cinema lovers and humor that today they ask the same question: What has happened to their actors?

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Just as in their roles during the five versions of the film series, there is only one clear: they were unpredictable.

To get rid of doubts, we present you the count of the ‘best friends’ of ‘Scream’, ‘the mask’.

Anna Faris

The cornerstone of ‘Scary Movie’ during its first four versions was undoubtedly the American actress Anna Faris.

Widely distinguished for her role as ‘Cindy Campbell’, she managed to show that there is nothing funnier than a ‘bad scare’.

The iconic actress today is 44 years old.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @annafaris

Although after the popular series he had important steps for Oscar-worthy films such as ‘Lost in Tokyo’, no performance of yours can be as indelible as those in the parody movie.

Since 2015, Faris has innovated the internet with her role as a ‘podcaster’ by interviewing entertainment characters on ‘Anna Faris Unqualified’.

His sound show already has more than 200 episodes available on the main streaming platforms.

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Regina Hall

Hand in hand with ‘Cindy Campbell’ was ‘Brenda Meeks’, another particular woman who accustomed viewers to ‘laugh so as not to be scared’.

Regina Hall, the actress in charge of bringing her unique character to life, first went through college to get a degree in journalism.

Regina Hall Before and After

Regina Hall has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @morereginahall

Later, her success in the entertainment blocs of the media led her to turn fully to acting.

His last participation on the small screen was in 2019 with the role of ‘Jordan Sanders’, in the film ‘Little’, directed by Tina Gordon.

Shawn Wayans

American Shawn Wayans starred in the first two ‘Scary Movie’ films.

Acting as the unmistakable ‘Ray Wilkins’, Wayans consolidated his acting career in comedy films.

Shawn Wayans Before and After

Currently S. Wayans is focused on music production.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @therealdjsw1

Not in vain, three years after finishing the filming with ‘Scream’, he starred ‘Where are the blondes?’, which is perhaps the most popular production in which he has worked.

From what he has shown in his social networks, at present he also invests a lot of time in his facet as DJ.

Marlon Wayans

Marlon, Shawn’s brother and who also dazzled in ‘Where are the blondes?’, Was part of the cast of the parody in its first two editions.

Marlon Wayans Before and After

Marlon is a year younger than his brother Shawn.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @marlonwayans

Since then he has had several performances in humorous films such as the unforgettable North American film of ‘Norbit’.

Of course: the duo that he consolidated with his brother during the comic film is still more than current and the film ‘Click: losing control’ it is one of his last samples.

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Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estevez, better known as Charlie Sheen, shone in the last three versions of ‘Scary Movie’.

Charlie Sheen Before and After

Charlie Sheen is 56 years old.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @charliesheen

Although before the series he had had an important participation in the also comic ‘Hot Shots!’His outstanding performance alongside ‘Scream’ represented a peak moment for his career.

As the years passed and nearly forty productions on his shoulders, Sheen began to have problems with alcohol and drugs, among other things, at the beginning of the new millennium.

Carmen electra

The stunning actress, model and singer Carmen electra He contributed his talents to ‘Scary Movie’ in the first and fourth films of the series.

Carmen Electra: Before and After

Carmen Electra was a romantic partner of the controversial former NBA player Dennis Rodman.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @carmenelectra

Since then, like most of his peers, he has maintained his attraction to the humorous movies.

Laughing at herself has been a vital strategy to stay current in the ‘art of making smiles’.

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Kevin Hart

The popular actor and comedian Kevin Hart he was part of ‘Scary Movie’ 3 and 4. As he has stated on several occasions, that was his first major performance.

Kevin Hart: Before and After

Kevin Hart started in comedy at a very young age. However, his career blunted past his twenties.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @kevinhart4real

The data confirm his feelings because, from there, he has participated in more than twenty productions, among which the exciting ‘Jumanji’ and the sardonic ‘Virgin at 40’.

With basketball, another of his passions, he has excelled in the traditional ‘All-Star Weekend’ of the NBA, getting to be named best player (MVP) four times.

Anthony Anderson

‘Mahalik’, the disoriented man with prominent dreadlocks and a singular voice who appeared in the third and fourth films, was professionally portrayed by Anthony Anderson.

Anthony Anderson: Before and After

Anderson had his first steps in ‘Life’, a film with documentary overtones.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @anthonyanderson

Remembered for his passage through the second movie ‘El agent Cody Banks’In the early 2000s, Anderson dared in later years to experiment with other film genres.

In fact, in recent years, his most symbolic roles have been in less-than-comical movies like ‘Transformers’ y ‘Beats’.

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Christopher Masterson

Although he only participated in the second film of ‘Scary Movie’, Christopher Masterson left his mark with his unforgettable gestures and expressions of terror.

At the time of joining the cast of the film, he had already participated in films with dramatic overtones such as ‘American Story X’ and ‘Girl’.

Christopher Masterson: before and after

For more than a decade, Masterson has been ostracized.


Miramax Films / Instagram: @itschrismasterson

Of course, his most memorable role will always be that of ‘Francis’ in the FOX production ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

From what he has shown in his few posts on Instagram, he has acquired a very special taste for music and develops his skills as a DJ.

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