What’s the best live-action Spider-Man movie? TOP 8

Spider-Man: No Way Home has put an end to a new era of web launcher on the big screen. After Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield, now it’s up to Tom Holland say goodbye as Spider-Man. Although there is some cheating here, because the young man who will play Nathan Drake in the adaptation of Uncharted be involved in new projects for Marvel and, therefore, for the House of Mouse. But when it comes to his first trilogue and his first stage, this is his end.

On the occasion of the premiere of No Way Home, we are about to make a top of the best and worst Spider-Man movies in real action. That is, here you will not find Spider-Man: A New Universe although it is considered by many as the definitive work of Stan Lee’s wall-crawler. Here, We will only deal with those film projects that are flesh and blood, so that we understand each other.

We are going with that top that has cost us sweat and tears to make, because classifying Spider-Man movies from worst to best is not an easy task, considering that many of them have moments of the most enjoyable or they become, directly, guilty pleasures due to the unconditional love we have for our friend and neighbor.

8. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

  • Duration: 140 min.
  • Director: Sam Raimi

Sorry to start the top with a movie of Sam RaimiBelieve us, but there is no where to take the third piece of his original triloga with Tobey Maguire. After introducing the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) and Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), Raimi came up and wanted to introduce a couple of new villains at the same time, adding a new Goblin who will be played by a James Franco with a desire for revenge. The stories and incorporations of the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) y Venom (Topher Grace) did not finish curdling at all.

The symbiote was harshly criticized for allowing itself so much license from comics (and for having too lousy animation) and the antagonist of Haden Church fell too short compared to his peers in previous films.. It has passed into posterity thanks to its memes, especially with the Peter Parker dance. But, in short, it is a tape to forget.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Duration: 136 min.
  • Director: Marc Webb

Andrew Garfield’s beginnings as Spider-Man weren’t exactly good in criticism, even though the tape did not work badly at the box office. We come from a very different thrower played by Tobey Maguire, with a background and an interpretive force much greater than those that Garfield had under his arm (it must be borne in mind that at that time the actor was still starting, yes).

Marc Webb couldn’t find the same keys as Sam Raimi and presented a story too empty, repetitive and with little soul to penetrate the public. It’s not that Garfield was scary, it’s that the plot didn’t match at all. At least, Emma Stone It was just as great as ever and the combat sequences weren’t bad at all.

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

  • Duration: 129 min.
  • Director: Jon Watts

The Tom Holland trilogy is being, right now, more vindicated than ever thanks to the pitch that is being Spider-Man: No Way HomeBut to tell the truth, not all the tapes in that series of projects signed by Watts are salvageable. It’s not that Far From Home is a disaster in every way, because it correctly expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe, offers a correct story closely tied to Iron Man and shows a more mature Peter Parker (without reaching that stage of maturity that he reaches with the aforementioned No Way Home).

However, perhaps the main problem of the film is that, that Spider-Man: Far From Home It is more of an expansion of the MCU itself than a work of the wall-crawler pure. Marvel Studios got a little out of hand with the ingredients in this cocktail and was too keen to want to broaden horizons using, this time, Spider-Man as a hook. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a flawless Mysterio, and Samuel L. Jackson He returns through the front door, but that is not what he is looking for in a Spider-Man feature film. At least not what we are looking for.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: El poder de Electro (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man

  • Duration: 142 min.
  • Director: Marc Webb

Yes, surely you were very surprised after seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 so high, after Andrew Garfield’s first movie has come in pretty close to the worst on the list overall. The sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man It was the coup de grace to put an end to the project of Marc Webb at the head of the new stage of the wall-crawler of Stan Lee. It did not work very well at the box office (those who were not convinced with the first did not repeat) and there are several problems that Garfield had with Sony in the air.

However, if we look at it in perspective and after seeing No Way Home, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 super by far the first installment, introduced new villains with great success (with a shiny Dane DeHaan Green Goblin, giving it another approach different from that of Willem Dafoe with a brutal personality) and the work marked the leap to maturity of Peter Parker through an immense loss that even took our breath away when we saw the movie at the cinema. It may not have the best script in the world, but it is a most enjoyable comic adventure and it serves to vindicate that neither Sam Raimi did it perfect, nor Marc Webb did it so badly.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

  • Duration: 133 min.
  • Director: Jon Watts

Although far from home he was going around the bush, Spider-Man: Homecoming It is one of the best origin films that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has. Jon Watts, knowing that the general public is already familiar with Spider-Man, cuts straight to the point and introduces Tom Holland as Peter Parker in a more direct, no-frills way. And with an extremely present comic book DNA.

It has Michael Keaton as the main villain, to make matters worse, it is a hoot that only adds points to the function. Yes, Iron Man was present here too, but more as a guide and mentor than anything else, without the Marvel overload that Far From Home presents. Tom Holland became with this feature film the Spider-Man of a new generation, and possibly the most popular considering the impact superhero films currently have compared to “old” ones (which even sounds weird to say that considering they are from the early 21st century).

3. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

  • Duration: 148 min.
  • Director: Jon Watts

As we have already told you in our review without spoilers, words are unnecessary for this film. Jon Watts has signed what is possibly the most important Spider-Man movie to date, because of his concept of uniting Spider-Man characters from various universes into one, and he has opened the door to infinite possibilities for Marvel.

No Way Home It’s Tom Holland’s final stage as the Spider-Man we’ve known so far. The past, the present and the future go hand in hand in this project of pure fan service that, however, manage to tap on the right spots to build a project that is so much fun, correct and that will certainly go down in history. Try to go see her knowing as little as possible about her, because it is in her secrets and surprises that the true magic lies.

2. Spider-Man (2002)

  • Duration: 121 min.
  • Director: Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi put terror and series B aside to venture to open the melon of superhero cinema, as we know it now, on the big screen. Marvel Studios won’t be what it is without movies like this one. Tobey Maguire donned the Spider-Man suit for the first time in a more classic origin film, but with a somewhat more adult script that helped focus it better, without curling up or anything like that.

James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, JK Simmons or Rosemary Harris herself share the scene with Maguire to propel the feature film to stardom. What about the wonderful Green Goblin of Dafoe, whose interpretation has been worth, just as Spider-Man 3, to be meat of meme and mockery in the parts of the internet but that in reality oozes talent on all four sides. Dark, direct, with its light doses of humor and with a web launcher that we fell in love with.

1. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

  • Duration: 127 min.
  • Director: Sam Raimi

Hands down the best Spider-Man movie to date. Alfred Molina and Tobey Maguire, accompanied by a Kirsten Dunst always more than good in this trilogue, provide a work with some action scenes that to this day continue to amaze special effects specialists. Spider-Man 2 is a round ribbon that it could even function as an independent film from the web launcher without having to be linked to anything.

Sam Raimi perfected the formula from the first installment but, later on, he became confident and ended up signing the trilogue with a last piece that went beyond ambitious. Luckily we always have this Spider-Man 2 that even sweeps the world of video games.

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What’s the best live-action Spider-Man movie? TOP 8