What to watch on Netflix: the creepy documentary film about a strange death that uncovered a history of abuse

A story that could not have occurred to him. This documentary, released on Netflix on July 6, has all the elements of, but here the ghosts or monsters are not frightening: a flesh and blood person does it, a man who appears to be ordinary, who could be your neighbor or someone waiting at a bus or train stop. This film, based on real events, is .

what looked like a began to shed more light on other cases and an inextricable mystery around its protagonists. It’s about a decades-long police job that, finally, is resolved in a poignant way.

We refer to “The girl in the photo” (“Girl in the Picture” in its original language), the documentary film of Skye Borgmandirector of “Abducted in Plain Sight”, which delves into the secrets behind a 20-year-old woman who was allegedly killed in a hit-and-run accident on an Oklahoma City highway.

The assailant and the victim in a photo featured in the documentary (Photo: Top Knot Films)


Tonya Hughes appears dead on the road in Oklahoma City, in the United States, during April 1990. His death began to raise suspicions because it did not seem to have been due to a hit-and-run. The injuries did not correspond to the severity of an impactthe damage to his body had another origin.

The eyes, immediately, fell on her husband, Clarence, who supported and defended the vehicle accident theory and that he was fighting for the possession of his son, Michael. However, the contradictions began to unravel the strange case of the young nightclub dancer.

From that point, the testimonies of her dance partners and those around her he began to shape the truth behind the lie Clarence had woven about the young woman’s death. She had already told a close friend of her fear of her husband, who had aggressive control, especially with her son Michael, for whom the woman did not run away from home.

The suspicions, the courage of the other women to denounce, made the police go after who would be the murderer. Nevertheless, “The girl in the photo” has many more twists and stories behind Tonya, who actually maintained various identities due to the macabre plan of who, at one point, he also introduced himself as his father.

In this way, the Netflix documentary recounts the investigations that, for decades, led to clarifying a history of sexual abuse, kidnappings, deaths and more crimes under the shadowy figure of the man who, to this day, is still imprisoned in the United States and who will become the monster of your nightmares after seeing the film based on a true event.

Also, Borgman’s great work lies not only in telling an unusual story in a remarkable wayboth temporarily and with the versions and words of the victim’s closest environment, but also in get a moving ending and, to a certain extent, restorative for the woman who lived little but left a trail of light and hope for the people who knew her and, even, for those who could not have her close in life.

the monster behind "The girl in the photo" (Photo: Top Knot Films)
The monster behind “The girl in the photo” (Photo: Top Knot Films)


  • Original title: Girl in the Picture
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 101 min.
  • Country: United States
  • Direction: Skye Borgman
  • Screenplay: Jordan Peele
  • Music: Jimmy Stoffer
  • Photography: Arlene Nelson and Michael Nelson
  • Genre: Documentary, true crime


The documentary “The girl in the photo” is available in the catalog of Netflix. To see the tape on the streaming platform, online, you can click on this .


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What to watch on Netflix: the creepy documentary film about a strange death that uncovered a history of abuse