What to see this Halloween? Horror series (and laughs) for this weekend

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Whether it is from “Trick or Treating“As if you prefer to see how” love saved Don Juan at the foot of the grave ”, this long weekend is a good time like any other to have a terrifying marathon. Here we bring several proposals of recent horror series and other television and platform premieres to see this Halloween in which the masks of The Squid Game they will flood the streets.

Midnight mass. It arrived a few weeks ago and possibly would have made more noise if it had not coincided in time with the boom of the Squid. Mike Flanagan, the head of The curse of Hill House, is at the forefront of this horror story with seven one-hour chapters that gradually cooks between monologue and monologue of its characters. The story is set on an island where a new priest arrives whose masses are becoming more and more successful after a series of inexplicable events. Better not to know much more about the argument. It doesn’t have many scares as such, but it does have a disturbing tone that becomes more explicit as it progresses. (And Netflix).

Monsterland. Chapters with independent stories each set in a city in the United States. The funny thing about these stories is that the monsters that appear are a reflection of the characters ‘internal and real monsters, and in the plots, the terror comes from the characters’ own dramas. As an example, the first episode has its monster, but the basis of the story is in the drama of a young mother and the difficulties she has to cope with her daughter. A proposal more psychological than gimmicky. (En AXN Now).

Monsterland – Season 1 – Episode 101Barbara Nitke (Barbara Nitke/Hulu/Sony Pictures)

Chapelwaite. Based on a short story by Stephen King, it stars Adrien Brody and is set in the 1850s. The protagonist is a widower with three children who, after the death of his wife, moves to a mansion in a quiet town in Maine. There he will begin to live supernatural situations as a result of curses from the past. The series plays with what is real and what is imaginary and has a gothic atmosphere that was liked when it premiered in the United States in the summer. (In HBO Max its first four chapters of 10 in total).

I Know What You Did Last Summer. A title that sounds because before it was a movie and before, a book. Now it’s an eight-part series that maintains the premise of the original story while filling in the minutes it takes to turn into a teen drama series without too much interest peppered with murder. The story follows a group of friends who on their graduation night find themselves at the center of a fatal car accident. A year later, someone who claims to know what happened stalks them. (On Amazon Prime Video, complete Nov. 12.)

Trilogy of The street of terror. As a tribute and reinterpretation of the genre slasher this other proposal is much more recommendable. Three movies that premiered on Netflix in consecutive weeks and have intertwined plots, so it’s pretty much a series with hour-and-a-half chapters. The first is located in 1994 and is inspired by the slashers from the nineties, like Scream, the second goes to 1978 and is set in a summer camp in the style Friday the 13th, and the third goes to 1666 to tell the origin of evil in this story. His thing is to see all three to understand all the mythology of this story that is based on a series of novels by RL Stine. (And Netflix).

A moment from 'The Street of Terror - Part 1: 1994'.
A moment from ‘The Street of Terror – Part 1: 1994’.NETFLIX

On the other side of the institute. Another series that is based on stories by RL Stine, but in this case closer to the Nightmares For which he became known, it is this proposal with independent chapters and adolescent protagonists that can be a good alternative to watch as a family. There are eight chapters with stories that deal with topics such as bullying, social pressure or anxiety, with a supernatural touch. It has interesting proposals although its resolutions are too happy flower, too Disney Channel, perhaps not to disturb the sleep of its young viewers too much. (On Disney +).

Evil. Thriller with touches of terror and comedy that we recommend again because to the King marriage, its creators, we must not stop recommending them. This series has very well woven scripts both in its chapter plots and in the relationships between episodes. His main trio investigates for the Church cases of supposed possessions or miracles. (In Syfy, the first full season and the second season just premiered its first chapters).

The Bite. Crazy and very funny series that Robert and Michelle King also sign (“The current maximum authority in television fiction”, as Paloma Rando says). Although it is set during confinement, and could be included in the tiresome category of confined series, it shows that smart and fun things could be done with confinement as a basis. The story follows two neighbors from the same apartment block, a therapist and a dominatrix, who continue their remote work during the harshest confinement by the covid and who suddenly have to face the expansion of a strange pandemic that turns people into zombies. (In Movistar +).

Taylor Schilling, en 'The Bite'.
Taylor Schilling, en ‘The Bite’.Screen Grab (Spectrum Originals)

Ghosts. Another very funny comedy is this British series in which a couple have to live with the ghosts that inhabit the mansion they have just inherited, ghosts that will sometimes try to boycott the plans of the new tenants and, other times, collaborate with them for different purposes. (On Movistar +. The third season opens on Sunday 31).

– The Movies that Made Us. This fun documentary series about how some of the most iconic films in recent history were made has been going on for several seasons now and the one just released includes chapters dedicated to Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Aliens: The Return. In addition to learning and serving to put a face to many of those responsible for these films who are not usually given a face or name, it is very funny because they put a lot of humor in their montage. (And Netflix).

– Ghost hunters: Cecil Hotel. Off the platforms and on free-to-air television is this two-hour special of the program Ghostbusters dedicated to the Hotel Cecil, the one on which it was made a documentary series on Netflix which was talked about a lot at the beginning of the year. The show’s paranormal investigators delve into the black history of the Los Angeles building. (At DMAX on Saturday 30 at 10pm).

A moment from the special 'Ghost hunters: Cecil Hotel'.
A moment from the special ‘Ghost hunters: Cecil Hotel’.Travel Channel.

– Filmin and the Terror Molins festival. Second year in which the horror film festival and the Spanish platform come together to bring their proposals to fans of the genre, with more than 50 recent feature films that have not been released in theaters in Spain and that can be seen between 28 October and November 21 at no added cost (except the documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street). Here is the list of movies. (And Filmin).

Hikers. Although it was released almost a year and a half ago, we close this list with a series of national terror. Koldo Serra directs and José Antonio Pérez Ledo writes this series of eight chapters in the style The Blair Witch Project that uses the technique of found material to recreate what happened with five boys who disappear on the Camino de Santiago. It has its things that could be improved, but it is appreciated that the script goes to the point and the daring of the proposal. (An Orange TV).

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What to see this Halloween? Horror series (and laughs) for this weekend