What to see on Disney +: one of the best versions of ‘Resident Evil’ was seen on the big screen, it is Spanish and it does not adapt any video game

It never ceases to be interesting how culture feeds on itself and, through the media, changes and evolves to move with the times. It would not be easy to think of the existence of a game like ‘resident Evil‘ without the previous impact that the zombie movies of George A. Romero that settled the idea in popular culture. And on the other hand, it would be difficult to have the resurgence of the undead genre in theaters if the video game did not exist.

And not only in the existence of the dead/infected can the influence of ‘Resident Evil’ be appreciated in the audiovisual that has come down to us this century. You don’t even have to resort to an official film adaptation to see his signs present on the big screen. Because one of the best versions of the video game in film format is not even an adaptation, is a sequel to a Spanish film. Is about ‘[REC] two‘, a recommended film available on Disney+ (also on Prime Video Y in Filmin).

fear rethought

Obviously, the film continues more or less directly what was told in the first ‘[REC]‘, one of the most incredible phenomena that has been able to come out of our country, and perhaps the best zombie genre work released during this century -or one of them-. Jaume Balaguero Y Paco Square they shaped a huge find in our filmography and did not hesitate too long to make the sequel.

Here the format of found footage and mockumentary that the first had was repeated, but we no longer follow him through a recording crew of a reportage program at Informa weekly ultralocal. Instead, we have two distinct parts. One starring a police team whose cameras serve as a point of view in their mission to enter the building to obtain blood samples. The other by three teenagers with a camera who end up in said building.

That part of the teenagers helps maintain the traditional humor that worked so well in the original film. But it is the first part that incorporates fresher ideas into the series, and some that seem straight out of horror and shooting games like the classic ‘Resident Evil’. Following the policemen’s point of view, almost like a shooternotably enriches the already careful visual language of the directors, despite the chaotic and nervous appearance.

‘[REC] 2’: how to follow the feat

These findings are what make this successful sequel more than estimable. We don’t have the accomplished group of characters that we had in the first one, or the tone seems so perfectly calibrated. But is clear about what works, and tries to enrich it with new and interesting elements. Not just expanding the visual language, as I’ve mentioned, but directly into the influences, incorporating more supernatural and religious horror elements.

The expansion of the franchise’s lore is done through the possession genre, which gives another layer to the frenzied monsters we see unleashed on screen. With these new influences and points of very macabre humor – to applaud that moment of killing an infected person with rockets from everything to a hundred -, Balagueró and Plaza managed a tape worthy of appreciation and of being qualified above the competent. An interesting way to continue the feat.

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What to see on Disney +: one of the best versions of ‘Resident Evil’ was seen on the big screen, it is Spanish and it does not adapt any video game