What to see from Jamie Lee Curtis: an impeccable police thriller that could be the unofficial sequel to ‘Halloween night’

The connections between certain films are sometimes accidental and unforeseen. Sometimes they are not even connections, they are just certain elements that take you to a certain part and they unexpectedly converse in an interesting way, even though they play different things. It is the power of the viewer’s mind that truly gives meaning and life to art beyond what is coldly and analytically presented by the artist.

In recent times, the interesting, although sometimes dangerous game of trying to call something the unofficial sequel to something because the author sees certain similarities that give him the starting point of the text. I’m going to do it myself, I admit it without shame. It’s not to undermine any of the works, nor limit their possibilities, but at times it amuses me to think about ‘blue steel‘, one of the best movies of Jamie Lee Curtislike the impossible sequel to ‘The halloween night‘.

cold as steel

The movie, available on filminit is not a horror movie like the movie of John Carpenter. In fact, it’s a fairly straightforward and sometimes archetypal police thriller. And Curtis doesn’t play Laurie Strode, but he does play what could be a version that, some time after confronting the bogeyman, looks to the police for a way to overcome the feeling of helplessness only to realize again. about what evil persists and does not stop surrounding her.

The rookie police officer played by Curtis is on patrol one day and suddenly there is a robbery at a local supermarket. She must act to prevent a catastrophe in the establishment, but ends up shooting the thief in a moment of sheer tension. There one of the clients (Rum Silver) is shocked by the event and fascinated, both by the criminal’s weapon and by the police, with whom he becomes obsessed. Meanwhile, she has been discredited and suspended from service without suspecting that The worst is yet to come.

Is not that Kathryn Bigelow and its screenwriter Eric Red deliberately look for connections with ‘Halloween night’, but it’s hard not to see it as a continuation of the unsettling feeling of eternal pursuit and cornering. The spaces narrowed by superiors who do not give the benefit of the doubt to the protagonist, the obsessed maniac who persecutes her, the always latent danger.

‘Blue steel’: thriller at close range

It is not a horror movie, but it brings us closer to the perspective of someone who is experiencing one. All stylized with sophistication and also urgency thanks to the Bigelow’s mastery of the art of thriller and tension. He manages to give credibility and forcefulness even to the most crazy moments that Silver’s character has, an individual emasculated in a dangerous act in which he was paralyzed who seeks to compensate through pistols that simulate his lost virile vigor and corner the only figure of authority on the scene.

You don’t have to go around too much either. ‘Blue Steel’ is one of those impeccable thrillers, which does things well from start to finish and is rabidly entertaining even today, there is no need to give it intellectual excuses to enjoy it. Now, his well-measured values, his way of extrapolating feelings of panic and despair that were already present in other works by Curtis, are exactly what they keep it as a living work that does not exist in a vacuum. A work still relevant.

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What to see from Jamie Lee Curtis: an impeccable police thriller that could be the unofficial sequel to ‘Halloween night’