What is the French film being shot in Medellin really about?

A mix between “Hangover” (“What happened yesterday’”) and “Fast and Furious”, with crazy situations, full of chases, action and comedy, is the French film that is being shot in the Valle de Aburrá since last June 4.

The tape of director Franck Gastambidethe same from the “Taxi” saga, films that have that scheme between action and comedy (very similar to what they want to do in the capital of Antioquia) will initially be seen on the platform Prime Video in France.

The production, which will be filming in Medellin until July 3, proposes recordings in Medellín, La Estrella, Bello and Barbosa, says Juan David Orozco, director of the Medellín Film Commission.

According to calculations by Dynamo, the production company in Colombia, Brotherhood (as the film was registered, although it is speculated that it will have the title of “Medellín”) It will leave an investment of 4,300 million pesos in the city, in terms of hiring personnel, logistics, lodging, transportation, food and economic compensation for the sectors in which filming is taking place.

The history

According to the information known by EL COLOMBIANO, the film will tell the experiences of a french youtuber who arrives in Medellín seduced by the figure of Pablo Escobar and the references he has seen in the drug trafficking series, but when he arrives he encounters a totally different reality.

To justify your trip, the influencer invents a kidnapping and that’s when those crazy situations happen, between comedy and action.

One of the protagonists would be Raymond Cruzremembered for his character in Tuco Salamanca in the series “Breaking Bad”.

About that the controversy that arose from the possibility that the tape will revolve around the figure of Pablo Escobarthe director of the Medellin Film Commission says that it is normal for this figure to generate discomfort and nonconformity, but that it is not healthy to propitiate thematic vetoes either.

“On the contrary, when they roll these productions, what is encouraged is audiovisual production tourism”says Orozco, pointing out that, for example, this tape can be recorded quietly in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and the stages pass through Medellín and, in that case, the investment would remain in that city.

In addition to “Brotherhood”, the director of the Medellín Film Commission announced that they are working with two more productions to be shot, one only in Medellín and another in Antioquiafrom Brazil and the United States, respectively

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What is the French film being shot in Medellin really about?