What is the connection of ‘Eternals’ and the Avengers universe?

The movie of Eternals has become the subject of frequent speculation. The curious superheroes presented by Chloe Zhao in the film already available on Disney + are the source of all speculation. Especially since his place in the Marvel cinematic world is still not entirely clear. Until the appearance of their primal enemies, the deviants, had not intervened in any human event. And that included, of course, everything that happened during the Infinity Saga.

Observers, distant, not part of any team or showing up to any hero. The Eternals seem to be an entirely new take on Marvel’s ever-changing group of superheroes. And that gives them a curious perspective that is worth exploring. Much more so when their version of the heroes of the film franchise allows us to understand their place in history on screen much better.

How is Doctor Strange perceived now that the world accepts the existence of magic? What is the general view of Tony Stark, beyond his heroic death and reputation as a technological genius? The Eternals provided a unique look at the world of Marvel without being part of it. And in fact, without their participation being necessary to understand something broader and more curious. We leave you three of the most peculiar references to Marvel heroes from the Eternals point of view.

Doctor Strange and magic, an indivisible whole

In one of the Eternals scenes, Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) joke about Doctor Strange. The way Sersi mentions the Sorcerer Supreme makes two things clear. On the one hand, that Strange is already considered a powerful character and magic something real. At the other extreme, that their abilities are public knowledge as much as to be part of popular culture.

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What is the connection of ‘Eternals’ and the Avengers universe?