June 12, 2021

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What is Disney Plus Premier Access? This you should know

What is Disney Plus Premier Access This you should know

On this occasion we will let you know everything you need to know about the option of Disney Plus, as it has attracted the attention of its millions of subscribers, so we will tell you all the details.

Disney Plus Premier Access It is an option of the Disney Plus platform with which you can access movies that are exclusive releases.

This section appeared for the first time at the end of last year, however, with the passing of the months and the growth of the platform of movies and series in streaming Disney Plus its popularity has been increasing and in fact it was to be expected.

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The first time this Disney Plus option appeared was to be able to see the movie Mulan, which inaugurated the option to obtain more content from the film studio for an additional fee.

Which through that fee, you could also access content from Fox Television, 20th Century Studios and Searchlight.

And although at the time the idea of ​​Disney Plus Premier Access seemed to be something unique to the Mulan case, today this streaming option could be a tradition.

The movie Stripe and the Last Dragon also premiered through the Disney Plus Premier Access option.

This is how this film begins to position itself as one of Disney’s most iconic animated films, in addition to having among its directors the Mexican director Carlos López Estrada.

Disney Plus Premier Access is the Disney Plus option to access major Disney studio releases on the same day that movies are released in theaters.

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In short, it means that you can access exclusive screenings of premieres from the comfort of your home.

However, because it is an extra option or that it offers a billboard other than the one that Disney Plus already has, the option has an additional cost.

Some users of the platform have complained about this fact, while others argue that it is still more expensive to go to the movies and buy some popcorn.

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Additionally, the Disney Plus Premier Access feature offers the option to view the same movie multiple times.

It should be noted that the Disney Plus Premier Access service is not permanently active, but is activated when premieres are launched that can be seen through this alternative.

That is, only when there are premieres can it be used, however, it should be noted that to access this option it is necessary to have the basic Disney Plus service.

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So if you already have a Disney Plus account and there is a Disney Plus Premier Access premiere that interests you, the process to access the content is extremely simple.

You just have to use your usual email and password and, when you find an exclusive premiere of Disney Plus Premier Access, pay by card to get it.

The premieres are found on the home page or simply by searching for the title of interest through the site’s search engine.

And while the rate could change in the future if this option becomes a traditional way to release movies, in the two cases that have been released so far, the price has been $ 29.99.