What Happened to Wesley Snipes: A Pioneer Who Saved Marvel, But Got Jailed

Without a doubt, yes Wesley snipes (58) lived a moment of glory without discussion occurred in the nineties. Taking advantage of the wake left behind by action film icons such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who raised the genre to a new level, the Orlando-born actor was able to capture the attention of producers and directors and make a name for himself in the leading films of the time.

New jack city (1991) was the springboard that the expert martial arts actor took advantage of for his career to take off definitively. Wild fever, by Spike Lee and also released that same year, and Whites don’t know how to put it (1992), along with Woody Harrelson, were the confirmation and prelude to an amalgam of titles that made him a benchmark along with other contenders for the throne such as Steven Seagal.

Passenger 57 (1992), which was a true box office success, put him in the media spotlight. Boiling point (1993), Rising Sun (1993), Demolition Man (1993) Jump into danger (1994), Assault on the money train (nineteen ninety five), Murder in the White House (1997) or US Marshals (1998), the sequel to The fugitive, give a good account of how busy the actor was throughout those years.

The funny thing is, even though Wesley Snipes was building a reputation in action movies, He was able not to pigeonhole and alternate blows, explosions and chases with dramatic and comedic roles What To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar (1995), in which she played a drag queen, or Waiting to exhale (1995) together with Whitney Houston.

Wesley Snipes served three years in prison.

And then it came Blade (1998). And for some paradoxically the beginning of the end. And it is that, despite the success, of being years ahead of the superhero cinema fever and helping Marvel to overcome a complicated situation, the role of the vampire slayer just made up some big-name flops, and also gave him a reputation as an elitist and mischievous character that for many endures.

Controversies with Santiago Segura and Ryan Reynolds

And if not, ask the good of Santiago Segura, who shared blueprints with Snipes in the second installment. “He treated me fatal And when we premiered in Spain and they applauded me twice as much as he did, he came up to me and said: ‘Hey, are you famous here? How did you not tell me anything? ‘”, The actor was sincere.

That he has not been the only one to ugly the behavior of the American actor. Those who were with him in the filming of Blade trinity (2004) did not exactly throw flowers at her either, and the atmosphere was unbreathable. “I never met Wesley Snipes in this movie, not even for a second. I only saw blade. We spoke little and I remember that one of the few things he said to me was: ‘Keep your mouth shut, you will live longer’ “, have you ever remembered Ryan reynold, who was in the early stages of his career at the time.

In fact, that shoot ended with several lawsuits and out-of-court settlements, thus beginning Wesley Snipes’ darkest days. In 2005 he was accused of a millionaire tax evasion and in 2008 it was sentenced to three years in jail, which would be his home from late 2010 to mid-2013. Sylvester Stallone came to the rescue to offer him a role in the third installment of The mercenaries (2014), but his film career was in serious jeopardy.

And then he became a writer. In 2017 he published ‘Talon of God’, an urban fantasy novel with relative success according to the critics, although in the end he would end up returning to the fold to continue exploiting his role as an actor.

His friend Eddie Murphy won’t let him down

And surprisingly, in 2019, he received widespread industry endorsement, including awards, for his supporting role in Dolemite is my name, film starring Eddie murphy on the life of filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore. It was precisely Murphy who offered him a role in the sequel to The Prince of Zamunda (Coming 2 America) which was released in March of this year.

So Wesley Snipes, what has been married twice and has five children, currently lives a second youth if expression is allowed. He is not the star that he was for much of the nineties and the beginning of the new century, but he has at least managed to redirect his career in a certain way and also continue to exploit his role as a producer. But not, will not return to incarnate the vampire slayer in the updated version that Marvel prepares, which will star the Oscar winner Mahersala Ali.

From his (failed) project to find the new global icon of action cinema, a kind of talent show called ‘Project Action Star’Maybe we’ll talk another day