What happened to the protagonists of “Amarte Duele” 20 years after its premiere

The protagonists met again in 2018 to tell their best anecdotes from the recordings. (YouTube Capture: Videocinema)

On November 08, 2022, it will be 20 years since the official launch of Loving You hurts, a Mexican film directed by Fernando Sariñana that marked an entire generation for its dramatic love story and its unexpected ending. To the surprise of many, it remains in force to this day not only because it became a national classic, but also because of its magnificent scenes that flood social networks as funny memes.

The project under the seal of video cinema He received several awards, among which his nominations for the award stand out. Ariel: Luis Fernando Peña was considered in the “Best Actor” category, Armando Hernández stood out in “Best Male Co-acting” and Enrique Quezadas was in “Best Music Composed for Film”. Since then, the protagonists began to build their careers on and off the screen.

After Loving You hurts renata He continued with his artistic career inside and outside the country with projects such as Don’t stain Frida, Bad girls, Te presento a Laura, Lies in plain sight, Deadtectives, Hello Herman Y McFarland: no limits, to name a few. But that’s not all, too entered as a producer and content creatorWell, it has two podcasts. of everything a lot -with Yordi Rosado- and infinities.

Since some years moved to the United Statesfrom where you usually upload photos and videos to your account Instagram. During the last two decades, she has faced several love scandals, but the most recent involved Yanet García. The actress was accused of starting an affair with Lewis Howes when the athlete was still dating the model of onlyfans.

(Instagram photo: @marthahigareda)
(Instagram photo: @marthahigareda)

Prior to Loving You hurts Ulises shone on the big screen with scent of violetsbut after his leading role he made other films such as Dreammongers, Destiny Mara, La Sorpresa, Sin Nombre Gynecologist of young ladies Y Nameless streets. His career continued in Mexican cinema and after years making movies he ventured into television with comedy 40 and 20 with Michelle Rodriguez.

He also surprised the public with his dance steps in The stars dance todaywhere he recently returned for a special season where he is participating alongside Violeta Isfel and also appeared in the new edition of Killer women beside Yalitza Aparicio. In the love field, the actor has a relationship with Aly Noris with whom he has a daughter.

Mariana went from being considered the most treacherous young woman to conquering with her melodious voice. And it is that she after her passage through Loving You hurts not only did other projects for the big screen as bad girls Y The House of Flowerssought his own space in the music industry with his songs, among which the theme he sang for the film stands out, Footprintsand his collaborations with The blue Angels Y Miguel Bose.

The now 37-year-old singer is constantly criticized on social networks for the alleged similarity between her voice and those of Natalia Lafourcade, Carla Morrison and Mon Laferte. Likewise, she became a meme for her scenes in Amarte Hurts and hers “almost unintentionally” of hers. Since 2016, she has been happily married to Rodrigo Rodríguez, with whom she has a daughter.

The singer debuted in "Light Clarita". (Instagram photo: @ximenamusic)
The singer debuted in “Luz Clarita”. (Instagram photo: @ximenamusic)

Genaro continued collaborating in Mexican films such as Out of heaven, Our Father, From the street, The day of the union, The surprise and Presences. However, like Luis Fernando Peña, he tried comedy with A film of Eggs, 40 and 20, I fall of laughter, rooms are rented and the Heroes of the north. But that’s not all, the actor had the honor of playing the renowned Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez in his bioseries.

Francisco continued his artistic career with Prom 41, Queen of the South, Ozark, Sense8 Y The Exorcist (2017), but without a doubt he became a youth phenomenon with Rebel. And it is that the actor was part of the remake of the Argentine soap opera and debuted as a singer during the presentations made by the group in the country. Although he gained a lot of fame, he did not want to participate in the RBD reunion and since then he has stayed away from music.


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What happened to the protagonists of “Amarte Duele” 20 years after its premiere