What happened to María Rebeca? The girl who played Amy in “The girl with the blue backpack” with Pedro Fernández

“The girl with the blue backpack” (1979), is one of the films starring, the then, Pedrito Fernandez, that the public likes the most, because the history and children’s performances remain in the memory of that generation that grew up with the musician and actor who currently gives life to Malverde, the so-called saint of drug traffickers, in the telenovela of the same name that it is transmitted through the Telemundo signal.

Under the direction of Rubén Galindo, the film tells the story of two friends in a Texas town, a boy and a girl, the latter being the actress Maria Rebeca, who gave life to the scruffy little Amy, who was in charge of her uncle Andrew, played by the comedian Adalberto Martínez “Springs”, who was an alcoholic and for that reason the social services of the United States were about to separate them, but kindness and love surfaced and none of that happened.

Mary Rebeca

The now 51-year-old actress is the daughter of the also histrionesses Irma Lozano and José Alonso and his rose to fame was precisely in this production with Pedrito, however, it was not the only film they filmed together as there is also “El oreja rajada”, “La mugrosita” and “The girl with the blue backpack 2”.

Thus, while his career continued both in music and in cinema, she continued to act in soap operas, both on Televisa and on TV Azteca, such as “Dance with me”, “Woman, real life cases”, “Al norte of the heart “,” Catalina and Sebastián “,” Pobre diabla “, among others.

María Rebeca has been away from the screens for a few years, but not from the theater, because through her social networks she does not miss the opportunity to share with her followers the projects she is working on, such as “And what does the pandemic catch on us?” , “Monica and the teacher”, “Bravas and briefs of bed”, “Husband for rent”, among others.

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