What Happened to Daniel Day-Lewis: The Hollywood Legend Who Said Enough

Few actors can boast of Daniel Day-Lewis’s service record. The 64-year-old actor is considered one of the top talents of the film industry and combines the most absolute recognition of specialized critics, which has raised him to the top, and the public, which has venerated him for decades.

And it is that we are before an interpreter who occupies a prominent place in the Hollywood Olympus in his own right after receiving three Oscars as the protagonist for his roles in My left Foot (1989), Wells of Ambition (2007) and Lincoln (2012), being the only male actor to do so. Only Katherin Hepbrun, with four statuettes, can boast of looking at him from a higher echelon. Ingrid Bergman, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson and Walter Brennan are up there. That is to say, a chosen one.

In addition, it so happens that he has been a very selective actor and has barely participated in a score of films among which, in addition to those mentioned, stand out, The last Mohican (1992), In the name of the Father (1993), Gangs of New York (2002) the The invisible thread (2017), which in the end has meant his last job to date. And the final one.

And it is that the actor, throughout his career, has assumed the interests and physical challenges of each character that he played as if his life depended on it. An immersion process that has caused him physical and emotional exhaustion that he ended up paying for.

“I have not discovered why sadness came to stay”

Daniel Day-Lewis

“Before filming The Invisible Thread, I had no idea that I was going to give up acting. When finished, both Paul -the director- and IWe saw you flooded by a huge feeling of sadness that took us by surprise. Until then, neither of us were aware of what we had created. It was hard living with it… and it still is ”, explained the actor in an exclusive interview with W Magazine in 2017.

I have not discovered why sadness is here to stay, but it is related to my decision to stop being an actor. There is something of the responsibility of the artist that hangs over me. I need to believe in the value of what I am doing. Work can seem vital. Irresistible, even. And if an audience believes it, that should be enough for me. But lately, it isn’t. All my life I have talked about how I should stop acting, but now it is different. The decision has taken root in me, becoming almost a compulsion. I don’t want to get sucked into another project“, he added.

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“Am I feeling better? Not yet. I’m very sad. And that’s the right way to feel.”

Daniel Day-Lewis

And so, out of an exercise of responsibility, out of an interpretive boredom and out of conviction, one of the best actors in history said enough. “I feel better? Not yet. I have a lot of sadness. And that’s the right way to feel. How strange it would be if this was just a joyous step into a new life. I have been interested in acting since I was 12 years old. When I started, it was a question of salvation. Now, I want to explore the world in a different way “, the actor decided.

Today, Daniel Day-Lewis, who has always tried to keep a low profile and not share too many details of his private life, enjoys his retirement with his wife Rebecca, daughter of the famous playwright Arthur Miller, in the Irish county of Wicklow and exploit some of his passions like him motorcycling, boxing or woodworking, profession for which he studied in his youth before becoming interested in acting. The world probably lost a great cabinetmaker, but a movie legend won.