What happened to actor Chris O’Donnell? This is how it looks today | People | Entertainment

The remembered actor went from participating in large productions such as Batman and Robin, to having his pizzeria business.

Completely removed from the recording studios and superhero costumes, but focused on his business is how he finds who was the co-star of Batman and Robin, the American actor, Chris O’Donnell, 51 years old.

The film in which he starred alongside George Clooney was part of O’Donnell’s important artistic career; despite the fact that Batman and Robin failed to break the expected audience record. However, it is believed that it was a mistake because being in said film deprived him of becoming the main character in Titanic or playing one of the Men in Black; both iconic films, in addition O’Donnell never quite finished rebounding in cinema, as it probably was projected.

However, his name did not cease to echo in the industry, where he began recording commercials and then had his first break in the cinema with the film “Men Never Go” released in 1990.

A year later he was part of “Fried green tomatoes ”, where became known worldwide. In 1992 he was part of the cast of the movie “Honor Code” and the following year he participated in “The Three Musketeers”. In 1994 he was in “Blue Sky” and in 1995 in “Circle of friends”, “Crazy love” and returned to participate in a film about superheroes with “Batman eternally”, where he returned to play Robin.

Years later he was part of the cast of series such as Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles and Two and a Half Men.

Now, he uses his Instagram account to promote his pizzas, the star product of his business “Pizzana” and also shares images with his wife Caroline Fentress and their four children: Lily, Christopher Jr., Charles, Finley and Maeve. (E)