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Rick Moranis He went from being one of the best talents in comedy to disappearing from acting, being one of the What happened to … club? After being absent for decades, for reasons that have always been applauded by his fans, the protagonist of The Little Shop of Horrors – 90% and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids He will return to the screen so this is the best time to remember what has become of him all this time. Many other actors also decided to step aside for different reasons that have more to do with bad decisions and other negative aspects, but in the case of Moranis it is an actor who is still well loved and who is remembered a lot.

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Moranis, who hails from Canada, first rose to fame as a member of the comedy show Second City Television, but he became known for the antics of stereotypical Canadians Bob and Doug McKenzie, who brought his comedy to the big screen with Strange Brew in 1983. From there, Moranis jumped into many of the most beloved comedies of the 1980s, including The Ghostbusters – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos97%, Spaceballs – 54%, The Little Shop of Horrors and the franchise Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, of which three films have been produced and a fourth is on the way. Not many actors could go from playing a nerd to singing off-Broadway tunes, but Moranis could and did, becoming one of the most beloved people in Hollywood.

However, his success, as well as some of his more well-known performances, did not start with a call for him to appear at the casting or anything like that. In fact, he told in a 2004 interview Sound and Vision that his appearance in movies like Spaceballs O The Ghostbusters it was more a matter of being in the right place at the right time. There he revealed that he used to be called upon to “rewrite things” but that somehow he ended up being the protagonist of these films. After all, Moranis also has extensive experience as a screenwriter and the films and series in which he has participated have been well received by the public.

The funny thing is, he never really considered himself an actor and having executives telling him which lines to say was not for him. Rick Moranis He always considered himself a guy who came out of comedy, and his impetus was always to rewrite the lines to make them funnier, not to try to make someone’s words work. However, after the early 1990s, Moranis disappeared from film and television screens, and one of his end credits was the sequel that went direct to video in 1997, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Three years before that he starred in the unforgettable live-action of The Flintstones in the role of Pablo Mármol.

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After that he made sporadic voice appearances, as in the Disney animated film Bear’s land – 38%, in which he and Dave Thomas revived their Bob and Doug characters as a pair of moose named Rutt and Tuke. Occasionally, he also appeared on shows as himself, some of them related to popular culture where he talked about the roles he has played in both film and television. And is that Moranis is one of those “rare” actors to have in his filmography several characters very well known to the public.

Everything changed after the death of his wife, Ann Belsky, who was a victim of cancer. So in 1991, the actor decided to focus on raising his children, Mitchell and Rachel, who at that time needed all his attention and energy. In a nutshell, Rick Moranis He knew that they were very important to him and that although many were going to miss him, he was not going to miss the film industry. At least not during tough times like that.

It got to the point where I was taking a lot of photos with kids, really nice kids, but not my kids. So, I was like “You know what? I am tired of talking to my children from a hotel room. I’m going home”. So I turned down the next movies that came out and the hiatus grew longer and longer. I didn’t miss the job, I didn’t miss the trip, I didn’t miss the people. I didn’t miss a thing.

Now that his children are adults, it is not that much has changed for the actor. It keeps popping up sporadically, claiming that you don’t want to anymore unless you find some really interesting role. It is not easy to get him to accept, and that was the reason why he was not in the reboot either Ghostbusters – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos73%, despite the fact that the team that worked on the film reached out to him. But the public has not forgotten him according to what he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015, since he is recognized every time he leaves his apartment in New York:

People are very nice when they see me. They ask me “How come they don’t make movies like they used to?” At that time we were governed by a certain type of taste, and there were places we would not go with language and bodily fluids and functions. I think that’s what they’re nostalgic for. “

Fortunately, after many years we will be able to see it again since it will be in Shrunk, the new film of the Querida franchise, I shrunk the children, which will arrive very soon on Disney Plus and will also star Josh Gad, the actor who voices Olaf in Frozen frozen adventure – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos89%. In 2020, several months after it was confirmed that he would reprise his role in the family film, he appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds in a commercial for Mint Mobile, an American telecommunications company in which the Deadpool actor is one of the owners.

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What became of Rick Moranis, actor of Ghostbusters and Querida, I shrunk the children? | Tomatazos